Blogger Blitz – Semifinal: Soccer Survival!

Continuing to re-post my Blogger Blitz entries from last year’s big community event hosted by Adventure Rules, here is my overly emotional semifinal post. And wow, this one was a real challenge…

In the semifinal event, amusingly called Soccer Survival, Lightning and I had to survive in Mega Man’s universe for 24 hours, and then immediately play a game of soccer (otherwise known as football to anyone not in North America) against a team led by the Blue Bomber himself.

This match was also very, uh, personal. My opponent this time around was the Well-Red Mage writing for Mega Man. I consider the good Mage a great blogger friend, but we disagree on a game that’s very, very special to me: Final Fantasy XIII. We are civil about the disagreement though! We had a nice chat on the Mage’s, um, entertaining FFXIII review (don’t worry I can take a joke and I do respect valid counter opinions). I think we both truly respect each other’s viewpoint – a great thing! However, not everyone is as understanding and thoughtful (read: some people are total troll asshats about Final Fantasy XIII). During my internet travels, I’ve stumbled upon so much mindless hatred aimed at Lightning and her games. I try not to let it get to me, but damn, it truthfully pisses me off… A LOT!

When I thought about how a lot of the mindless Lightning Farron haters usually have a special place in their gamer hearts for Mega Man, that inspired me to go all out in my entry and vent my pent up feelings of frustration. I also had absolutely no hope of winning this one (Come on! Cranky Lightning and I were going up against THE Well-Red Mage and a beloved blue robot). I let those feeling of anger and hopelessness show in my writing, which inadvertently painted Lightning and her crew as the underdogs. By time I was finished writing it, I honestly didn’t care who won. It felt so good to unleash all those feelings while trying to show people how I see Lightning Farron’s character.

It was all kind of ironic, though – the Well-Red Mage’s childhood hero against my inspiring shero. Even though I had no intention of winning, I wasn’t going down without a fight first! With just 800 words to use, here’s how my side of the match played out.

Blogger Blitz Round 2 2

Guess there’s no rest for the 500-year-old demigoddess, huh? I’ve been the outcast soldier, the army of one who brought fate to its knees. I’ve been the knight of a goddess – the chosen one – torn from time and forced to fight an endless battle. I’ve risen above the pain of death, dishonor, and despair. There was no time for my selfish misery… the people of a dying world needed me to be their savior. And now I have to ‘survive’ 24 hours of breaking robots in this simple flatland? This is nothing to me! Compared to my infinite hell of a lifetime, one single day passes faster than a flash of lightning.

I remember the terribly voiced cutscene that played as I crossed the rift into this world. That Dr. Wily clown foolishly threatened me and then unleashed this army of useless robots. He rambled about how he ‘brilliantly’ stole them from some guy named Dr. Light. He thought this world was his now… He shut up when I cleaved apart the first wave with one swipe of my blade. Guess he wasn’t expecting Dr. Lightning’s divine intervention.

Blogger Blitz Round 2 3

Now I effortlessly traverse these 8-bit obstacles, kicking aside these outdated tin-heads as I go. I don’t need to waste mana on magic – my restored Crimson Blitz blade destroys them just fine. I don’t grow weary from dodging… I’m no longer human. I’m just a God’s tool and a fool who can never be free.

My mind is steel, I move on instinct, and time is meaningless. I’ve already downed five of the big ones he called bosses. No matter the retro mechanics, they fall to my holy blade just like the rest. A target’s a target. I ready my blade to strike the next…

“Time’s up!!” A booming voice shatters the world, and in the blink of an eye, I’m standing in the middle of a soccer stadium.

Blogger Blitz Round 2 4

The so-called God of All-Games has pulled me into this realm for an anything goes soccer match. This is the next phase of the crazy competition I wanted no part in. Standing across from me is Rock, or Mega Man… something like that. Whatever the real name, he is my opponent. Sizing him up, I doubt a soccer ball could fit in his arm cannon. He’ll have to kick the ball just like me. And is that a L’Cie brand on his other arm? Seems androids can turn Cie’th too… but yeah, looks like he spent time on my old world, and it didn’t go well.

This God grants us random teams to lead and four unfamiliar androids appear behind Mega Man – his three sidekicks and a goalkeeper in net. I’m hesitant, but I turn to see who my random idiots are…

“Hey, sis! Admit it, you missed us.” Snow, the brother I love and never wanted.

“I know that look. Careful or she’s gonna hit ya.” Fang was right. I did want to hit him.

“Great, it’s you people again.” Poor Sazh, always dragged into my messes.
Blogger Blitz Round 2 5

Our reunion is cut short when the whistle blows, but wait… we don’t have a goalkeeper… and they’re… booing us?

Of course, they wouldn’t give us a fair chance. We’re the ones everyone hates. I feel the poison hatred flow from the crowd – fueling my darkness, igniting my rage, and swelling my sorrow. I want to both howl like a monster and sob like a weak child… but my heart is trapped in this hollow nothingness. Why bother? Why do they hate us so much?!

“ODIN!!” On instinct, I scream the name louder than a roar of thunder. In an explosion of scarlet light, my partner appears at my side. We exchange a silent nod, an unspoken bond forged long ago, and he quickly charges to protect our net – all before the beloved Team Mega Man can score. The crowd of trolls can hate all they want, I no longer hear them.

With the match in progress, we have to think on the fly – something our battle system has taught us well. We shift Paradigms as needed, and I’m the Commando who can get this squad through anything. Our two teams are evenly matched and we trade goals often. Soon, I stop paying attention to scores, focusing only on leading my friends. I… I missed them.
Blogger Blitz Round 2 6

Before I know it, the end siren sounds.

“Game! The winner is…”

I don’t care the final result. You know what? It doesn’t matter if we win or lose, if people love us or hate us. In the end of it all, fate’s verdict is the same for everyone. When that darkness consumes us, and all hope is lost, we embrace the strength of love… and use it to control the chaotic power of Lightning.

Blogger Blitz Round 2 7

Apparently, judges like underdogs and I won by a single vote. Just… wow. I remember the biggest issue from the expert panel of judgey little punks was that summoning Odin for a goalie was kinda unfair. Sorry, not sorry! Lightning was going up against an invincible robot who could copy every ability ever… I think that move actually evened the playing field. 😉

Shout-out to the Well-Red Mage and Mega Man for being a awesome rivals! I still haven’t played any of the Mega Man games, by the way. I do own the Legacy Collection on the 3DS (mostly because it was the only way to get the Gold Mega Man Amiibo) and I do have plans to play this great game series eventually. Backlog problems… sigh.

I would also like to use this post for another purpose! The great Pix1001 over at Shoot the Rookie is hosting an epic Video Game World Cup blogger event. Basically, you pick a character you’d like to see on the Blogger’s Eleven Football Team (soccer… try to kick the ball in the net… whatever you wanna call it in your part of the world). I would like to submit this post for that because I think Lightning Farron beating Mega Man in a Blogger Blitz Soccer Survival match more than qualifies her for the team. Just sayin’.

Up next is the championship match post! I just have to say that scenario was freaking INTENSE. Lightning and I had to deal with a powerful force that we’re both not so good at facing: the feelz.

Thanks for reading!

If for some odd reason you want to read more of my posts, you can find a somewhat organized (and usually up to date) archive of my ramblings… I mean, articles here!

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8 thoughts on “Blogger Blitz – Semifinal: Soccer Survival!”

  1. Goodness, you made that feel VERY real.

    I love Lightning myself(she’s such a badass) and while I need to finish Final Fantasy XIII, and play the other 2, I can say that I love Final Fantasy XIII!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you 🙂

      Yay! The more Lightning fans the better. I’d like to hear what you think of the other games when you get to them. They are both very different than the original game.


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