Bowser for Santa!

Bwo ho ho ho ho!!

For those of you who don’t know, the talented Kim over at Later Levels hosts an event called Question of the Month. Last year, the event was run much differently than it is nowadays. There was a poll and stuff to pick the winners instead of a “Chosen of the Star Blogger” contest (which is also cool). Yeah. I know. That’s all in the past, and you should really always move forward (and I’m SO FAR behind on answering the new questions), but I thought I’d re-post my December 2017 answer to the holiday themed question anyway:

Which video game character would do a better job than Santa?

And to that I say: Jolly Ol’ Bowser, the King Koopa himself. You might be thinking: “Um, why? Isn’t he a bad dude who likes kidnapping princesses and attacking innocent plumbers?” Well, truthfully, nobody’s perfect or can ever hope to compete with the overpowered Santa Claus (and his smug reindeer squad). But, I’ve always loved Bowser for as long as I can remember, and I wished he would grab that pretty princess for good.

Bowser for Santa 1
He cleans up good too! Peachy couldn’t ask for a nicer kidnapper.

Playing Mario games around the holiday season was a thing I did a lot as a kid, so Bowser and Christmas have a special connection for me. He also has a lot of great qualities that I think would make him the perfect Santa Claus candidate.

Bowser for Santa 2
Yoshi’s Island, a Christmas gift one year long ago, was probably the first video game I ever beat. This Bowser fight was just so badass!! The music rocked too! 🤘

Okay, I had a LONG day at work and I’m running out of brain energy to type things, so I’ll just get on with this. Here’s 100 words on why I think Bowser is ze better Santa (Present me’s note: There was a 100 word limit to the Later Level’s QoTM last year. Just thought I’d point out the obvious. You’re welcome.):

Owner of a fleet of speedy airships, and tenacious leader of an endless army of Parakoopas… who needs a tiny sleigh pulled by boring flying reindeer? Big bad Bowser is NOT fitting down any chimneys, but his loyal minions would unquestionably jump in to deliver the goods. Bowser definitely has the resources to beat Santa at world gift giving, but why would he do it? Simple! Bowser is not all evil. He loves his son more than kidnapping Peach and would do whatever it takes to make Jr. proud of him for once – by finally besting a man wearing red.

Bowser for Santa 3

Thanks for reading!

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18 thoughts on “Bowser for Santa!”

  1. He might struggle to fit down chimneys. Maybe he can ask Mario for advice on that. A fat guy descending a pipe is a bit like Santa breaking into a house through the chimney.

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