Creative Christmas 12: Of GOTYs Past and Present

Ho, ho, ho, internet!

Last year, the amazing Kim of Later Levels created this awesome Christmas community collaboration event thingy. I was so totally in, then I deleted my old website earlier this year, erasing my old entries of the interwebz forever. Alas!

Basically, there were 12 holiday themed questions bloggers answered on set days, in a format of their own choosing. Yep. I’m still trying to get back in touch with my joyful side after 2018’s craziness… so I’m hyping myself up for that upcoming cheery Christmas event by re-posting my old answers and providing new answers for this year. I’ve changed a lot, man.

Question #12

You wake up the following morning, hungover but happy – you have an entire day of gaming ahead of you. You start thinking back over the video games you played during 2017; what was your game of the year?

2017 Answer

Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice. Hands down one of the most powerful gaming experiences I’ve ever seen.

Creative Christmas 12 Hellblade
I’ll never forget you, Senua. You gave me a new perspective of life ❤

2018 Answer

I spent most of the year on a rabid BioWare binge and conquering all 5 difficulties of Metal Gear Solid 2, so unfortunately (but no regrets), I didn’t play many games that were released this year. At the time of writing this post, Mega Man 11 is the only game I beat that came out in 2018. By default, that takes my GOTY. It was my first Mega Man game and I loved it. The newcomer difficulty option was most welcome since I’m not a fan of super crushing gaming experiences.

Creative Christmas 12 Mega Man 11
Yeah, yeah… I beat it on newcomer mode…. nothing to brag about, I know 😛

Please note: I still have time to squeeze in Detroit Become Human before the year actually ends. That may change my answer. Time will tell if I get around to it, eh.

THE END of my Creative Christmas Re-Posting!

Thanks so much for reading my series of answers to this, internet! Shout-out to the lovely Later Levels for hosting this cool Christmas event last year. Kim rocks!!

This year (and into the next) there is another 12 days-like Christmas collaboration thingy being held by the almighty Athena of AmbiGaming. I’ll be partaking in that event too so expect to see those posts from December 26th 2018 to January 6th 2019. Exciting!

Thanks for reading!

If for some odd reason you want to read more of my posts, you can find a somewhat organized (and usually up to date) archive of my ramblings… I mean, articles here!

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8 thoughts on “Creative Christmas 12: Of GOTYs Past and Present”

  1. Great games, Bioware’s stuff and MGS2 I’ve gone back and played them many times Hellblade I didn’t play till this recently is definitely one of my favourite games this year, God of War is my game of the year such a great story and great acting aswell Detroit was a great game too I’m sure you’ll enjoy it when you get round to playing it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! God of War is on my must play list for next year. I already own a copy just need to get through the in-progress game mess I got myself into this year, haha.


  2. Hellblade was an amazing game last year. Megaman looks like a great game to play but I have been hesitant as I have not played any Megaman game before. Reading this makes me feel like it would be totally fine to have the new one as a starting point. Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

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