12 Days of Blogmas: 10 Playing Reasons

Hey! Listen. You know that popular Christmas song called the 12 Days of Christmas? Athena over at AmbiGaming came up with a cool holiday themed community collaboration idea to gamify that kinda-as-annoying-as-Navi song (that we all love or hate). Basically, it’s a countdown list each day that ends up with 364 items, times however many bloggers do this, at the end of the event (something like that… my maths is bad). Be warned that my singing voice is terrible, but here we go, eh!

🎶 On the 3rd day of Blogmas, the gamers said to me: What are 10 reasons you’d play a game? 🎶

1) If a good friend highly recommends a game and considers it special to them, I’m probably gonna try it out! There’s a reason why I had quite the epic 2018 BioWare binge, a Metal Gear Solid 2 Platinum trophy hunt, a playthrough of Final Fantasy IV in 2017, and an emotional journey through the hella hard platformer Ori and the Blind Forest recently (Blaming Athena, The Shameful Narcissist, and Professional Moron for all of that).

Blogmas 3 - Snake hug
D’aww! Bro bear hug.

2) If an Indie developer flatters me by requesting I review one of their games. Yep! I’ll check it out and offer my honest babblings about it, eh. That’s exactly what happened with Solbot Energy Rush.

3) If it’s part of a video game series I’ve really enjoyed in the past. For example, I’ll be playing Dragon Age 4 on Day 1 without reading a single review, or listening to a single fan whining, whenever it comes out.

4) Games in retail store discount bins with cool artwork on the cover often end up being purchased by me. If I do wind up hating them, I don’t really care since they look cool on my shelf. I acquired my copy of Final Fantasy XIII because I found it in one of those discount bins. And yeah, I bought it because I thought the lady with pink hair on the cover looked really badass… anyone who follows me will know how the rest of that story goes!

Blogmas 3 - Lightning
“… I can’t give you hope.” Not sure where I’d be today without my shero’s influence on me.

5) If I trust the game developer I’ll probably play any interesting new games they release. This is similar to my #3.

6) If the game seems to have an epic or unique narrative. I play games mostly for stories that let me escape reality.

7) If the collector’s edition of a game has a cool statue with it and the game itself seems decent, yup, I’m probably gonna buy it and play it. That’s the reason why I ended up playing Mirror’s Edge so it’s no necessarily a bad thing!

Blogmas 3 - RE2 Collector's Edition
I’m almost positive I will love this game, but the freaking cool Leon statue is what made it a Day 1 purchase for me… 💸

8) If the main character looks like they have a soul, and are not just a clone of another popular protagonist. That goes along with #6 for sure.

9) It’s hard to ignore the social media hype train around certain video games. I sometimes jump on that train and play the hyped game, to my incredible disappointment these days… unfortunately.

10) If I’ve watched a few trailers or previews and the game looks fun to play, I’ll likely do just that. Above all else, a video game must be FUN to play.

Okay. It was much harder than I thought it would be to figure out the reasons why I play certain games. Leave it to Athena to get me thinking about stuff I never think about, eh. A reason why I’m a huge fan of AmbiGaming!

Oh and to continue the Blogmas song:

🎶 … 11 games I love, and the link to my 12 gaming memories! 🎶

Be sure to check out the host Goddess of Wisdom’s version of the song thus far (including links to other participants, eh).

Thanks for reading!

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5 thoughts on “12 Days of Blogmas: 10 Playing Reasons”

  1. I have to say I agree with those reasons for playing games especially the being part of a series I already like and being from a studio/developer I like those are probably my main two reasons for buying games although the bargain one has found me some good games Dead Space and Uncharted are two series I got into after buying the first games cheap.

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