12 Days of Blogmas: 6 Future Failed Resolutions

Hey! Listen. You know that popular Christmas song called the 12 Days of Christmas? Athena over at AmbiGaming came up with a cool holiday themed community collaboration idea to gamify that kinda-as-annoying-as-Navi song (that we all love or hate). Basically, it’s a countdown list each day that ends up with 364 items, times however many bloggers do this, at the end of the event (something like that… my maths is bad). Be warned that my singing voice is terrible, but here we go, eh!

🎶 On the 7th day of Blogmas, the gamers said to me: Tell us your six gaming/blogging resolutions 🎶

1) To really and truly not care about blog stats. It’s hard not to… I find myself peeking at my traffic numbers far too often, which usually ends up in disappointment. This year I’ll pretend to be a superstar blogger and ignore my actual traffic numbers.

2) To finally acquire (or give up on) my crazy Metal Gear Solid 2 Platinum trophy quest. It’s rated 8/10 hard on the guide I’m following for a reason. Those VR missions are gonna be the death of me!

Blogmas 7 - Gurlugon
At least I beat the one with Gurlugon. Rawr…

3) To NOT delete Livid Lightning like I deleted LightningEllen’s Release in 2018. So far so good!

4) To continue to own ALL of the Amiibo figures. Getting new hits of these sweet plastic Nintendo figures barely gets me to normal these days.

5) To buy and enjoy the heck outta the Resident Evil 2 Remake. My controller is ready!!

Blogmas 7 - Resident Evil 2

6) To write more things for AmbiGaming and the Well-Red Mage. I’m honored that these two cool blogger people let me babble on their websites.

Truth be told, my priorities (for once) are not going to be gaming or blogging related this year… life’s short and I need to work on creating a better reality for myself. I’m also terrible at sticking to resolutions.

Oh and to continue the Blogmas song:

🎶 … 7 babbling blog posts, 8 cool characters, 9 games a backlogged10 playing reasons, 11 games I love, and the link to my 12 gaming memories! 🎶

Be sure to check out the host Goddess of Wisdom’s version of the song thus far (including links to other participants, eh).

Thanks for reading!

If for some odd reason you want to read more of my posts, you can find a somewhat organized (and usually up to date) archive of my ramblings… I mean, articles here!

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My name is Ellen, and I've been babbling on the interwebz about video games for over 15 years. Video games themselves have been a large part of my life since 5-year-old me first encountered a SNES in a children's hospital. Fun times... Video game escapism is still the #1 coping mechanism for adult me these days.

10 thoughts on “12 Days of Blogmas: 6 Future Failed Resolutions”

  1. These all sound like great goals/resolutions. Best of luck to you with them! The last couple years I’ve been a lot more focused on real-life leveling up as well, so I fully support your goal for that. ❤ Have an amazing 2019. I wish you all the best!! 😀

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