Path of the Grey Warden 7: Defeated by Darkspawn

This is the re-posting of the Dragon Age Origins babblethrough series I did on my old website. This article was originally posted on December 22, 2017. Enjoy past me’s unedited ramblings!

I’m going to get this babblethrough done before the end of the year. I have faith in me! Right after I finished Awakening, I jumped into the Darkspawn Chronicles DLC. This one was very out there. I’m not sure exactly what happened, but I like to think this in an alternate universe where your Grey Warden never existed. Specifically taking place during the final battle of the main campaign, you take control of a bloodthirsty Hurlock Vanguard fighting for the archdemon while leading a group of minions.

Defeated by Darkspawn 1
Throughout the DLC, you’ll hear the archdemon whispering instructions to you. Creepy-cool!

The evil mission only took an hour, but I enjoyed seeing things from the perspective of the darkspawn. Don’t get me wrong, I feel terrible about what I did to all the innocent people, but it feels good to be evil sometimes… maybe? Here’s some babblings about my reign of terror!

!!!SPOILERS AHEAD!!! DO NOT read anything else unless you want this great game ruined… I’m serious.

So, it’s the final battle for Denerim, but this time I’m on the side of evil! The instructions are issued by the fiendish archdemon itself, and the objectives are given in the form vision cutscenes along with whispers from my master. Very neat! The Hurlock Vanguard main character has the ability to enthrall any of the darkspawn allies fighting on the battlefield. You can only have 3 party members at a time though. If you fill up on minions, you have the option to kill one to make room, proving just how disposable the darkspawn are to their master. You also have an approval rating with you minions, just like companions in the main campaign.

Defeated by Darkspawn 2
The first set of objectives is to rescue an Ogre while learning how to control things. He quickly became my BFF and the only minion I truly cared about. I even gifted him with the wine I got for killing poor Oghren outside the tavern.
Defeated by Darkspawn 3
The Shriek was probably my second favourite minion. There was a fun part where you needed to use its stealth ability to murder soldiers controlling siege weapons.

On the way to the Archdemon’s side, you have to carve a path through many familiar faces while causing as much destruction as possible (GTA Dragon Age, anyone?). One individual I was more than happy to dispose of – that Arl Howe ass (YES!!). Most of the killings made me feel awful though – Bann Teagan, Wynne, Cullen, Zevran, Alistair’s bitchy sister… the list of victims goes on.

Defeated by Darkspawn 4
Also had to burn down the tree in the Elven Alienage… yikes.

When I got to the Palace District, the same cutscene from the main campaign where that idiot Riordan gets himself killed while trying to solo the freaking archdemon plays… sigh. Anyway, I get separated from my Ogre buddy and have to find him so he can smash through some barriers for me (I also missed him). I also took the opportunity to enthrall a Hurlock Emissary here (so nice to have these things on my side for once… they kicked Grey Warden Ellen’s ass a lot). I have to kill the big qunari guy Sten in order to gain access to Fort Drakon, the final area.

Defeated by Darkspawn 5
So, I noticed I’m fighting against Golems and Werewolves… somebody made some incredibly stupid decisions during their quest…
Defeated by Darkspawn 6
Oh… I do love Alistair, but he really is a big idiot. I’m surprised he still has pants on.

The final battle takes place at the top of Fort Drakon, just like in the main campaign. This time I have to fight Leliana, Morrigan, Barkspawn (Maker, Alistair actually named the Marbari war hound that? 😀 ), and my dorky knight man to save the evil archdemon. Not gonna lie, having to murder all the characters I grew to love during the game was hard… really hard.

Defeated by Darkspawn 7
Maker, forgive me.
Defeated by Darkspawn 8
But… but… I don’t wanna kill my friends, dammit!

Yeah, I barely won the battle, just hanging on by the skin of a Hurlock Emissary (even my Vanguard went down during the fight). I think a part of me wanted to lose, but I did really win… sadly.

Defeated by Darkspawn 9
The depressing final scene shows the bloodied corpses of Morrigan, Leliana, and Barkspawn, as defeated Alistair desperately tries to pull himself off the ground. My Vanguard delivers the final blow to the last Grey Warden, and the Archdemon flies off in victory. All hope for Ferelden is extinguished.

THE END! I’m a monster. 😦 If nothing else, this proves to me that Grey Warden Ellen was needed to save the world.

Next time, I’ll be rambling about the Golems of Amgarrak DLC. Then one more progress post about the Grey Warden origin stories, followed by a review of the game. Then I’ll FINALLY shut up about Dragon Age Origins. Promise!

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Thanks for reading!

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