My Fallout 4 Story Thus Far…

Well, I suppose I should take a stab at #MaybeInMarch too! The game that’s been on my backlog list the longest (as per the #LoveYourBacklog event) is Final Fantasy VIII. As Aether so wisely helped me realize via cool comment on that post, I got far enough in that game to probably not worry about it so much (up to the 2nd last boss is good, right?). If there’s ever a remake, I’ll make it a priority to conquer VIII.

So then, there’s this other game that’s always in the back of my mind… screaming at me to finish it… even though I haven’t touched it in over two years. That game, my friends, is Fallout 4. I recently re-posted my first impressions of the game and the TL;DR problem is that I just couldn’t for the life of me concentrate on it long enough to finish it. Not sure why since I do really enjoy the game… it’s a weird gamer state of mind, I guess.

The time for me to finish (or give up on) Fallout 4 is NOW, and I don’t feel like starting a brand new game (since I did a ton of side questing and whatnot). Thankfully, past me babbled about Fallout 4 a lot in a failed weekly progress post series I did on my old website. In an effort to trigger my memory about what I’ve done in this game thus far, I’ve pulled together all those status updates (and added some screenshots I found on my PS4) to form this post. Enjoy!

December 21st, 2016

This game feels like it has been in progress forever! I just can’t focus on the main story since I keep getting distracted by side quests, and other quirky goings-on in the post-apocalyptic world. This week I donned the Silver Shroud comic book hero persona to save a kidnapped friend, and retrieved a valuable beer dispensing robot from of a bunch of sadistic Raiders. These quests had absolutely nothing do to with the main story.

Fallout 4 So Far - Silver Shroud

My character is at Level 22 and my in game BFF is the Mysterious Stranger, who keeps randomly showing up in V.A.T.S. to save my ass.

December 28th, 2016

More amusing side-questing and no story progression again this week. I used my advanced lock picking skills to break into the ruined Boston Public Library to return a 200 year overdue library book. I can only imagine the late charges on that, if the people running it were still alive that is. The library contained a raging battle between Super Mutants and Protectron security forces, which was already in progress I swear. I stalked around with my buddy Hancock, and cleared out everything left alive to complete this quest. I got loads of ammo and other goodies from the corpses of enemies who had killed each other for me. You have to capitalize on opportunity in this harsh post-apocalyptic world!

Fallout 4 So Far - Hancock

My character is still at level 22 but close to a level-up. I have a few more easy side quests to tackle and then I’ll continue with the story line, maybe.

January 4th 2017

I was just stalking around the ruined streets of Boston, minding my own business, after killing a group of Raiders and taking their stuff. When suddenly, out of nowhere, a Yao Guai (for those unfamiliar with Fallout, these are big angry mutated bears) starts mauling me. Luckily, all my side-questing has made me overpowered in this part of town. I took it out easily, and cooked up some juicy Yao Guai Ribs, which restore health and buff damage resistance. After that encounter, I continued on with my random side quest that had nothing to do with the main story.

I was sent to find this creepy scientist guy’s sister, who ran off with some dude who runs a theater cult. When I arrived, he said he locked her up in a room out back until she cools off (their relationship status was obviously complicated). Long story short, I killed everyone, freed the ungrateful tramp, and enjoyed my character’s sarcastic assessment of the situation. After that, I helped the creepy scientist guy on a quest that led me to an old insane asylum, where he had his crazy father, with ancient psychic powers, contained. The whole quest had a Resident Evil feel to it, and I’m not sure if I made the right decision at the end (My ghoul buddy Hancock disapproved). I also have some of his Mysterious Serum that I’m scared to try.

Shiny Trophy Unlocked:
Gun-For-Hire (Silver) – Complete 10 Side QuestsFallout 4 So Far - Gun For Hire Trophy

My character is at level 23, almost 24, and my buddy Hancock still likes me after his minor disapproval. He really liked what I did to that evil theater cult before that.

January 11th, 2017

This week’s irrelevant side quest introduced me to the USS Constitution, a massive sea vessel marooned on top of savings and loan company building. The ship’s fate must have had something to do with all the nukes that were dropped a couple hundred years ago. The ship is run by deadly robots and overseen by the great Sentry Bot, Captain Ironsides (I see what they did there). My quest was to help the bots repair their ship and achieve their secret goal they refused to tell me about until the end. The quest was an easy collect stuff and kill angry people type of thing, but it was a bit time consuming. My good friend Hancock disapproved of one my decisions again but I still stand by it. After a moment of awe I couldn’t help but laugh hysterically at the final outcome of the quest.

Fallout 4 So Far - USS Constitution

My character is at level 24, and my good ghoul buddy still likes me even though we’ve disagreed on some issues lately. I’ve cleared all the easy side quests I had on the go, and if my needy settlements can just defend themselves for once, I will be resuming the main story now.

January 21st, 2017

I had a huge Fallout binge last weekend. Nothing cheers me up more than wandering around in a depressing post-apocalyptic world! I knocked out several side quests that had me doing everything from helping a cowardly radio DJ man-up to slaying a terrifying beast lurking inside the Museum of Witchcraft. I also resumed the main story line at long last. I was pleased that the first thing my character did was recount her story so far to a caring detective. I had pretty much forgotten everything so that really jogged my memory. After my loyal dog led me to a familiar coldblooded mercenary’s hideout, my character embarked on a rather traumatic memory journey that showed me more about my son’s fate, and revealed scary details about the Institute organization that’s terrorizing the Commonwealth. The Brotherhood of Steel also made a grand entrance so it seems I’ll be working with them again in the near future.

Shiny Trophies Unlocked:
Unstoppable Wanderer (Silver) – Reach Level 25Fallout 4 So Far - Unstoppable WandererTrophy

Masshole (Bronze) – Kill 300 peopleFallout 4 So Far - Masshole Trophy

Wasteland D.I.Y. (Silver) – Craft 100 items
Fallout 4 So Far - Wasteland DIY Trophy

What’s Yours Is Mine (Silver) – Pick 50 locks
Fallout 4 So Far - What's Yours Is Mine Trophy

Reunions (Bronze) – Complete “Reunions”
Fallout 4 So Far - Reunions

Print’s Not Dead (Bronze) – Read 20 magazines
Fallout 4 So Far - Print's Not DeadTrophy

Lovable (Bronze) – Reach maximum relationship level with a companion
Fallout 4 So Far - Loveable Trophy

Dangerous Minds (Bronze) – Complete “Dangerous Minds”
Fallout 4 So Far - Dangerous Minds

My character is at level 30, and if I don’t get too distracted by several side quests I picked up, I’m heading off to the Glowing Sea with my new Synth buddy. I will be searching for a rogue agent who’s hiding out in this heavily irradiated area. Finally, I have an excuse to dust off my Power Armor!

February 2nd, 2017

At least I didn’t get distracted by side quests in this game, for once! I’m so proud of myself. I completed two story quests, bringing my character closer to finding the person she seeks. One had me charging through a heavily contaminated area called the Glowing Sea. My makeshift suit of Power Armor shielded my character from the nasty radiation in the area. It had been a while since I used it so I forgot that I love how the armor works in this iteration of the series. I just hate that it has limited power sources (not really an issue for me now though since I managed to stockpile 15 Fusion Cores from my side questing). The other quest had me hunting down a very dangerous “man” through the Greentech Genetics building. He killed me a few times before I figured out a great method of attack: Molotov Cocktails and Frag Grenades.

Shiny Trophy Unlocked:
Hunter/Hunted (Bronze) – Complete “Hunter/Hunted”
Fallout 4 So Far - Hunter Hunted

My character is now at level 31 and my new Synth buddy loves it when I hack things. I plan to stay focused and keep the story going.

And that’s all she wrote (she being past me, of course). I do find it quite hilarious that I left off on a “I’m really gonna focus this down now” note, and then ended up putting the game down for a couple of years. Oops!

Let’s see if 2019 will be the year I finally finish this thing….

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10 thoughts on “My Fallout 4 Story Thus Far…”

  1. I think all of us do that to games some times. I still haven’t finished Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and I love that game. Every time I tell myself that this is the day I end up playing something else :).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Odyssey sounds really fun! I need to get back into the AC series. I’m so easily sidetracked and can’t seem to finish anything lately, haha. So far so good on my Fallout 4 plans this month…


  2. Good luck getting back into it. I would normally try to make some recommendations about staying focused on the main plot than the sidequests if you’re having trouble with momentum, but nope, not this game. Fallout 4 really seems to be more about the sidequests than the main plot in general.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I jumped back in with several long play sessions this past weekend and really enjoyed it. I remembered where I stuffed a bunch of cool outfits and most importantly how to actually play, haha. The problem is I don’t know where in the Commonwealth half of my companions are… oops.

      Ah, well. I have Platinum goals now so I’m doing a delicate balancing act with the three factions for all the endings.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Thanks!! 😀 Pretty close to Platinum I think. I just need to get to level 50 on my current save file (level 49 now), and then reload an old save file to finish the Brotherhood of Steel quest line.

          Liked by 1 person

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