Life Is Strange – Episode 2: Out of Time

Welcome to Part 2 of my Life Is Strange Babblethrough series! You can check out the first post here if ya missed it and are interested in reading it. Thanks! 🙂

The teenage drama and time manipulation continues. This episode deals with some pretty heavy subject material so reader discretion is certainly advised in addition to the usual spoiler warnings.

Seriously… if you ever feel worthless, hopeless, helpless, and just generally tired of living your life, you are not alone. I know. It’s so hard to reach out for help when you’re in a bad place (like seemingly at the end of your road), but you are a wonderful human being who deserves to fight and live on. Call one of the numbers found here if you are struggling to find the will to keep going. They can help you! You got this life thing.

!!!MAJOR FREAKING SPOILER WARNING!!! This is one of those games where the less you know the better. I’m about to ruin everything by summarizing it so STOP AND READ NO MORE, if you have plans to play this someday. You have been warned.

Max wakes up in her dorm and deals with more teenage dramaz. Most notably, witnesses a classmate named Kate being bullied in the bathroom for what happened at a Vortex Club party (popular kids are mean). I guess Nathan slipped her something and now there’s now a damaging viral video of Kate making out with people at a party circulating around. Ouch!

Life Is Strange Babblethrough Out of Time 1
There are no creatures on this planet crueler than privileged teenage girls. I can confirm that from my own experiences.

Max, being a rare good human being in this school, visits Kate in her dorm room and tries to comfort her. Apparently, Kate is from a super religious family and feels she has brought shame to her entire family, adding to her current level of devastation. Anyway, Kate has almost no memory of anything and tells Max some disturbing details about what she does remember: Nathan Prescott offering to take her to a hospital, going for a long drive, waking up in a strange bright room, and finally waking up the next morning outside of her dorm room, unharmed but feeling gross. Yeah… my mind filled in some scary blanks there, that’s for sure.

Life Is Strange Babblethrough Out of Time 2
“Jesus Kate, I’m sorry. This is serious shit.” Yep. Let’s just say my own reaction to Kate’s tale mirrored Max’s.

Kate asks for Max’s advice on what to do and I choose the “Going to the police won’t help at all until we get evidence” option (since Nathan is above the freaking law). Max leaves to meet up with Chloe, but tells Kate she will be back later and to call her if she needs anything at all. The world needs more people who care. It really does….

After a ton of side conversations and whatnot, Max eventually sits down to breakfast with Chloe at a diner. Chloe’s mom, Joyce Price, works at the diner and is glad to see Max again, hoping she can be a badly needed good influence on the rebellious Chloe.

Next up, Max has to play two minigames with Chloe to prove she can indeed reverse time. The first is guess what’s in Chloe’s pocket, and the next is to foretell a sequence of diner events (that damn jukebox cockroach stumped me and I had to check a guide). Chloe wants to use Max’s powers for fun and offers to show Max her secret lair. On the way out, Kate calls and I choose the option to make Chloe wait. I was worried about Kate, not gonna lie. Oh and Max’s nose started bleeding for no obvious reason. Time reversing side effect perhaps?

Life Is Strange Babblethrough Out of Time 3
Mmmm… bacon. Time manipulation proving can happen later.

Chloe’s lair is in a junkyard near some train tracks in the woods. For her BFF’s next test, Max has to find five bottles. While collecting those, I snooped around Chloe’s hideout proper. Chloe and the missing Rachel Amber were really close based on all the evidence I examined there, that’s for sure. Max also finds a clue that Rachel was dating a local drug dealer. Hm. With the bottles lined up, the next test happens. Chloe pulls out her handgun (don’t blame her for carrying that) and instructs Max to tell her where to aim.

Life Is Strange Babblethrough Out of Time 4
Bottles were easy, but the next trick shot resulted in me accidentally making Chloe shoot herself… (Oops. Do-over!)

Chloe is thoroughly impressed after that and calls Max a superhero. Unfortunately, Max suddenly doesn’t feel so super (her exact words) and collapses into the future tornado vision again. She wakes up resting on Chole’s lap and the pair realize Max’s powers have a cost. On their way out, the drug dealer, Frank Bowers, shows up wearing Rachel Amber’s bracelet and demands money that Chloe owes him.

Terrified Max pulls out Chloe’s gun (that she stole from her stepfather) when the drug dealer advances on her. I decide she shouldn’t shoot him (that’s weird for me, I know). Frank takes the gun as interest and warns Chloe she has until Friday to pay him. Surprisingly, Chloe is actually relieved I didn’t shoot him. After that ordeal, the pair decide to chill on the train tracks and catch up for a bit, which results in Chloe almost getting struck by an oncoming train. Max’s powers save her BFF once again, but it took a lot of effort to use them this time…

Life Is Strange Babblethrough Out of Time 5
That wasn’t the wisest of hangout spots, eh?

Chole takes Max back to school and jokingly offers to be her sidekick. Some science experiments with Warren happen before Max observes a distraught Kate walking out on Mr. Jefferson’s class. Max tells Mr. Jefferson she’s worried about Kate and about the Nathan issues. Jefferson waves it off warning Max it’s easy to point fingers. Class starts but it is soon interrupted by something very trigger warning worthy (seriously: TRIGGER WARNING). Kate is on the roof of the dorm building, and she’s about to end it all.

Max freaks out and desperately wants to stop Kate’s very public suicide, but her powers refuse to work properly. Max uses all of her might to freeze time long enough to get to the roof with Kate before she jumps. Max’s powers have completely dried up at this point so it’s up to her to convince Kate to live on without any do-overs. I… sadly failed to do that, and watched as Kate jumped to her death in a heart-shattering moment. It was difficult to watch, to say the least.

Life Is Strange Babblethrough Out of Time 6
I desperately wanted to rewind, but couldn’t… There is a way to stop Kate from dying so I felt extra awful for my suicide intervention failure 😦

Next, Max is in the principal’s office and I’m given the choice of who to blame for this tragic event: Nathan for dosing her, Mr. Jefferson for making her cry, or David the security guard for bullying her (that’s Chloe’s stepdad, by the way). I, of course, blame Nathan and he’s suspended despite his privilege. Yeah… I’m sure he’ll take that well. The episode closes out with Max talking to Warren about how awful she feels. A freaky solar eclipse takes everyone by surprise, and that’s that for Episode 2.

Thanks for reading!

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8 thoughts on “Life Is Strange – Episode 2: Out of Time”

  1. Jeez I’m sorry you had the see that version of what happens to Kate I’ve seen quite a few people get that and it’s truly awful to have to watch, not to rub it in but when I played I managed to talk her down and man was I relieved about that.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I’m glad Kate had a better fate in your game. I was hammering that rewind button pretty hard, but alas, Max couldn’t use her powers 😦


  2. Ohhh I’ve been meaning to play this for ages. I’ve loved Ashley Burch’s VA work and followed her since her youtube days. ❤

    Hope the feelsbus isn’t hitting too hard yet.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. In honesty, one of the interesting things about this part for me, I work in the type of job where we need to be trained in mental health first aid/suicide intervention, and the practices from that largely worked here. They weren’t quite a perfect fit for Kate’s scene, but they still worked well enough to get through. I really appreciated that they were so thoughtful with it, that real-world best practices came through here.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Wow! Sounds like you have a rewarding job. Definitely seems like the developers did their research with that scene, then. A very good thing!

          I’m want to take a more in-depth suicide intervention course. I took a mental health first aid class on my own time but they only touched on suicide.

          Liked by 1 person

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