Life Is Strange – Episode 3: Chaos Theory

Welcome to Part 3 of my Life Is Strange babblethrough series of posts!

After the end of the last episode, damn, the feels were strong and I was truly hooked on this game. This is definitely the most lighthearted episode, in my opinion, focusing on developing the beautiful BFF bond between Max and Chloe. Max’s powers also get some leveling up… for better or worse.

!!!MAJOR FREAKING SPOILER WARNING!!! This is one of those games where the less you know the better. I’m about to ruin everything by summarizing it so STOP AND READ NO MORE, if you have plans to play this someday. You have been warned.

Operation: Find out WTF happened to Rachel Amber is a go go, baby! At night, Chloe and Max break into the principal’s office in search of useful information. Before entering the main building, they eavesdrop on Victoria trying to seduce Mr. Jefferson for a trip to some fancy photography show, but he ain’t having none of that (seems like a good guy, eh?).

Inside, a locked door blocks the way to the principal’s office. Chloe struggles with DIY locking picking, while Max creates a badass lock bomb with the help of Warren via text messaging. Sadly, an alarm goes off when the door blown open making it seem like game over, but a time reversing move makes it seem like Max was in the office the whole time. Max simply opens the door for Chloe in the past while she’s still picking the lock.

Life Is Strange Babblethrough Chaos Theory 1
Yeah, b’ys!

On the principal’s computer, Chloe and Max find out some details: Nathan accused Rachel of bringing drugs on campus (Chloe’s “step-troll” went along with it implying he’s working with Nathan and was stalking Kate and Rachel), Nathan’s file reveals he has behavioral problems (wow… shocker), and most disturbing of all, a drawing of Nathan’s made up of the words “Rachel in the dark room…” over and over. Yikes. They have no idea what to make of this.

Before they leave the office, I let Chloe steal some money to pay off Frank the drug dealer. Yes, that money was meant for a good cause, but the drug dealer could have info on Rachel… plus I was worried about what he would do to Chloe without his monies (I just can’t say no to the friends I love 😭).

The pair decide to hangout for a bit and break into the school’s pool area for a quick midnight swim and chat (100% Chloe’s idea). Security shows up to crash the party, and they escape to Chloe’s house. Max spends the night there to avoid getting in trouble.

The next day the BFFs have a wonderful talk about life stuff. Chloe dares Max to kiss her and I chose the option to go for it. Her reaction was priceless – “Damn Max, you’re hardcore! Now I can text Warren and tell him he doesn’t stand a chance” HA! Joke’s on her. Neither of them has a chance with my version of Max. 😎

Life Is Strange Babblethrough Chaos Theory 2
Aw! I love beautiful BFF moments.

Max gets dressed in Rachel’s old clothes, has breakfast and a talk with Joyce, finds evidence on David’s computer that he was monitoring Kate and Rachel (who was indeed dating the drug dealer), witnesses family dramaz, and finally plays a role in getting David thrown out of the house by Joyce.

Chloe and Max head off to the diner to break into Frank’s RV that is guarded by his faithful doggy friend. I chose the option that doesn’t get the dog hurt… why would anyone want to hurt a dog, anyway?? But yeah, getting his keys involves talking to Nathan (who calls her Max Amber), a cop, and using Max’s powers.

Life Is Strange Babblethrough Chaos Theory 3
Having time controlling powers must do wonders for the ol’ self-confidence level!

Inside the trailer, I get Chloe her gun back and they find evidence that Rachel and Frank were truly in love with each other (not just a fling or anything). They seemed to have a very special connection too. D’aww! Chloe is understandably pissed and hurt that Rachel didn’t tell her about this. Feeling betrayed by the world, Chloe drops Max off at school blaming her dead father, William, for the current sad state of her life.

Later, Max is reflecting in her dorm room and desperately wanting to help her BFF feel better about life. Max stares at the happy picture of William and Chloe that she took of them back in the day. Suddenly, things get all shimmery and BAM! Max is inexplicably back to the moment in time when she took the picture. Seeing this as an glorious opportunity to save William’s life, young Max hides his keys so he can’t get into the car accident that kills him.

Life Is Strange Babblethrough Chaos Theory 4
Good intentions or not, when you mess with the past….

Max is time warped back to the present… but a new present. She is shocked and appalled to find herself interacting with Victoria and the popular Vortex Club folks on campus grounds (who are apparently friends with her in this new timeline). Max runs off to Chloe’s house, worried about what other implications her time meddling may have caused. Alive and well William warmly greets her at the door and says Chloe would love to see her again.

But Chloe isn’t quite the same as she used to be…. that’s where this episode ends.

Life Is Strange Babblethrough Chaos Theory 5
….you can seriously fuck up the present.

Thanks for reading!

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4 thoughts on “Life Is Strange – Episode 3: Chaos Theory”

  1. Oh man the cliffhanger at the end of that episode, I’m glad I played the game in one sitting it would’ve drove me up the wall having to wait a few months to find out what happens next. I agree it’s definitely the lightest episode until that twist at the end at least bring on episode 4.

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  2. Rachel Amber seems to be everything to everyone, had so many meaningful and intense relationships that are largely unconnected with each other. I was thinking there was something supernatural there; it didn’t seem possible for one person to be able to maintain all that under normal circumstances, but this story went with a different direction on it. I never made it to Before the Storm, which I probably should, to see if it takes that anywhere.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Everything always seemed to come back to Rachel Amber… A super natural angle would’ve made a lot of sense. I still need to play Before the Storm too! I’m planning to do that very soon.

      Liked by 1 person

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