UNC: Platinum Mass Effect 1 (Week 1)

Me and my random game goals… alas! Poor backlog and never-ending stream of new game releases I’m totally ignoring. Anyway, I’ve decided to throw everything aside and go for the fancy PlayStation Platinum trophies for the Mass Effect trilogy of games. Why exactly? Hm. Let me figure out the root cause of this crazy mission…

Well, it all started with a blogging thing I’ve been wanting to do for a while. Athena over at AmbiGaming did a really cool Mass Effect Month back in November 2017 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of BioWare’s epic-space-drama-action RPG video game series. Basically, she answered 30 questions in 30 articles about Mass Effect that month. I wanted to turn that into one of those monthly blog challenge thingys and post my answers here each day in June (because it conveniently has 30 days).

Yeah. So after writing about 6 of those posts, I had an uncontrollable desire to play Mass Effect again. Nope. Those posts are no longer happening in June (maybe November). All I care about now is playing Mass Effect with every ounce of free time I have. Woo!!

Last year, I beat the Mass Effect trilogy for the very first time on the PC, but I had unplayed PS3 copies of the trilogy kicking around in my collection for a while. So why the hell not? I love Platinum Trophies and I love Mass Effect so let’s do this! Wouldn’t be the first trilogy of games I’ve Platinumed if I can pull it off *cough* Final Fantasy XIII *cough*

And no, I don’t want to totally abandon blogging while I chase after this goal (especially since WordPress renewed all my website fees). I’m going to try to post some weekly-ish updates as I go (highly depends on moodiness level fluctuations and whatnot).

Here’s how my first week-ish went!

WARNING: Lots of !!!SPOILERS!!! below. Stop reading and scrolling if you don’t want the Mass Effect trilogy ruined for you. You have been warned.

Commander Ellen Shepard, PS3 Version, is born!

UNC Platinum Mass Effect Week 1 1
I went with everything my PC version of Ellen Shepard had. Well… mostly. I changed her hairstyle. New year, new Commander Shepard me.

I started the first game on Monday May 20th, 2019 and cleared a whole playthrough by Sunday (30+ hours)… To be fair, I was playing on Casual difficulty and really fed up with IRL things. Escapism for the win!! Ahem. I love brute forcing my way through everything so Soldier class is my fav way to go.

My major goals for this playthrough were:

  • Clear the game once to unlock Hardcore difficulty mode.
  • Get the Paragon trophy by being a force of justice in the galaxy.
  • Kill 150 things with each weapon type for those trophies (Soldiers can spec with all the weapons)
  • Get the completionist trophy by doing a metric ton of side quests.
  • Complete the majority of the game with Kaidan and Garrus to unlock their trophies.
  • Scoop up all of the unmissable story related trophies.

I’m happy to say I did all that successfully. Woot. By the time the credits rolled I had 23 out of 47 trophies. Still a long way to go…. But yeah, here are some of PS3 Ellen Shepard’s highlights. My screenshot capture card got quite a workout.

UNC Platinum Mass Effect Week 1 2
Just like her badass PC version sister, PS3 version Ellen Shepard had a blast knocking Harkin down a few pegs. What a loser.
UNC Platinum Mass Effect Week 1 3
I love the Mako’s disregard for the laws of gravity! I found the PS3 version of the Mako easier to control. I do miss my keybindings and maze puzzle for decryption from the PC version. I strongly disliked the PS3 button mashing minigame for decryption at first, but I’ve got the hang of it now.
UNC Platinum Mass Effect Week 1 4
Sorry, Shepard…. but your module is in another monkey nest. As soon as I landed on the green planet with the level 1 hazard, vivid memories of doing this side quest on the PC version were triggered.
UNC Platinum Mass Effect Week 1 5
Liara quickly reminded me of how much I freaking love her. She is the super BFF of my dreams!! And yes, other people are so totally annoying.
UNC Platinum Mass Effect Week 1 6
Another line that melted this demiromantic asexual’s heart! All the emotional bonding and no need for sex?? Swoon!! I love you, unofficial asexual romance with Liara option. Ahem. This post could easily turn into all screenshots of Liara so I’ll stop with this one.
UNC Platinum Mass Effect Week 1 7
Noveria unfolded the same way as it did for the PC version of Ellen Shepard: cheated on that stacking puzzle to activate the VI, Benezia is a pushover on Casual difficulty, and I freed the Rachni Queen since destroying an entire race seemed wrong. I’ll just say that decision had great benefits in Mass Effect 3.
UNC Platinum Mass Effect Week 1 8
I can use a sniper rifle when I have to. I was pleased to have racked up 150 killshots effortlessly for that trophy. Feros also went well. I managed to not kill all but one mind-controlled colonist (that part gave me serious Resident Evil 4 vibes). Garrus’ AI decided to pop a shot in the last colonist and I didn’t feel like reloading. Sorry, buddy!
UNC Platinum Mass Effect Week 1 9
Virmire has a lightning storm happening!! Not really important, but I do love all forms of lightning ⚡
UNC Platinum Mass Effect Week 1 10
CHOICES ARE HARD!! And Virmire has a nasty one: do you let Kaidan or Ashley die? Both of your fellow soldiers have been with you since the start… and it was so hard for me to say bye to one (I like both and DO NOT think Ashley is a racist). On my PC version playthrough, I saved Ashley so I saved Kaidan this time. Ashley went out fighting at least… sniffs.
UNC Platinum Mass Effect Week 1 11
WTF?? How the hell did I romance Kaidan?? Ugh! I was apparently too nice to biotic boy and he showed up in my quarters before the final showdown. I was super pissed off that he just assumed my Shepard was his girlfriend suddenly, and I had no options to make him shoo.
UNC Platinum Mass Effect Week 1 12
I managed to talk my way out of a sexy time scene, at least, but his final line made me want to drop his ass back on Virmire (or get Liara to throw him out of my quarters with her mind). My Shepard IS NOT your girlfriend and she doesn’t ever want to have fucking sex with you. Grr!! I didn’t even get the romance trophy for that since you HAVE to do the sexy time deed for it. 🙄
UNC Platinum Mass Effect Week 1 13
And then Kaidan met with an unfortunate “accident” on Ilos. My official line is that I was little slow with the medi-gel when a Geth Prime showed up… 😇
UNC Platinum Mass Effect Week 1 14
Alright, Kaidan… you are forgiven now. You’re a nice guy and a good friend (when you aren’t trying to climb into bed with my Shepard). Besides, the fate of the entire galaxy is much more important than my personal drama!
UNC Platinum Mass Effect Week 1 15
The big reveal about the Reapers and the Citadel via Prothean VI still gave me the chills! Nice storytelling, BioWare.
UNC Platinum Mass Effect Week 1 16
Yada yada yada… charmed Saren into shooting himself, reluctantly saved the Council, kicked whatever was left of Saren’s turian ass in the final boss fight, made Anderson humanity’s Council rep when the fires died down… the end!

Introducing Dick Shepard, Space Jerkoff!

UNC Platinum Mass Effect Week 1 17
He’s going to be an asshole to everyone! This should be fun…

With Ellen Shepard’s ME1 career completed, the Hardcore difficulty setting is now unlocked. That is my next big trophy target: beat the game on Hardcore. Now the guide I’m following wisely suggests to do a New Game+ on Hardcore for an easier time, but nah… I’m making a fresh character for a new experience with the game.

Goals for this playthrough:

  • See male Shepard’s perspective for a change.
  • Beat the majority of the game with Wrex and Tali for their trophies.
  • Get the romance trophy. I have no connection to this character so I have no problems making him bang Ashley for a trophy. Tee hee!
  • Make him as much of an asshole as possible for the Renegade trophy.
  • Use all the Biotic abilities 75 times for those trophies.
  • Beat the game on Hardcore difficulty to unlock Insanity difficulty *whimpers*

Whoa!! Going from Casual to Hardcore difficulty was quite a shock to my system. Not to mention this is my first time playing as an Adept so I have to be all tactical. Boo! I even have to learn how to properly to use my squad… I am learning and finding it rewarding to learn, though! I somehow managed to make it as far as rescuing Tali. I just have to say the husks have armor and Assassins one-shot me… 😦

Here’s how Dick’s Reign of Hardcore Galactic Space-Assholery has been going!

UNC Platinum Mass Effect Week 1 18
Not even 10 minutes into the game and he’s already punched an innocent person… I shouldn’t be laughing but I am 😂
UNC Platinum Mass Effect Week 1 19
He looks so angry all the time. Fits perfectly with how I’m shaping his character.
UNC Platinum Mass Effect Week 1 20
He hates the Council… a lot.
UNC Platinum Mass Effect Week 1 21
Nope. He’s not making any fans. Also, Conrad seems to have an ugly side… yikes!
UNC Platinum Mass Effect Week 1 22
At least he can sometimes rock that intimidate option to get out of the combat I’m terrible at.
UNC Platinum Mass Effect Week 1 23
Ol’ Wrex needed to move fast in order to kill Fist before Dick did.
UNC Platinum Mass Effect Week 1 24
This one has no respect for anyone… especially the preachy hanar.

I’m not going to lie. Being an evil asshole is a tiny bit amusing, even though I feel mostly terrible. Next, I’m going to clean up a bunch of side quests to level up this jerk’s biotic abilities. Then it’s off to rescue Liara. Yeah. I’m not letting him talk to Liara… ever.

Thanks for reading!

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16 thoughts on “UNC: Platinum Mass Effect 1 (Week 1)”

  1. Hahaha Dick Shepard that’s a perfect name for an asshole character, honestly reading this makes me want to replay them again too. I get struggling to be a jerk to characters I nearly always go full paragon with these games but when I do play a renegade that big stupid jellyfish line cracks me up every time I hear it and giving jerks like Harker the business never gets old.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I had no idea what to name this asshole so my good friend suggested “Dick Shepard, the Space Jerkoff” and I knew it was perfect, haha. I hate being evil in games… but I’m enjoying this playthrough more than I care to admit. Sometimes it’s nice to be bad for a change!


  2. Ummm… I only played Mass Effect 3. Erm…. I can go down two routes:

    1 – Proclaim you’re an imbecile and LOL myself into the distance.
    2 – Accept I’ve no idea what I’m on about here, but pretend I do anyway.
    3 – Eat a jam sandwich.

    I choose 3. But I don’t have any jam.

    Damn, you know this is why being Nintendo orientated has issues. I missed out on these big series. And my laptop was always a bit too crap to play them. Innit.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Can’t go wrong with a sandwich! Jam isn’t a requirement.

      I’ve fallen out of love with Nintendo recently. My PlayStation consoles are getting most of my attention. Yes, I am a noob 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

              1. Do you Canadians do passive aggressive indifference? I’m still waiting on my “pool” acceptance. I find out shortly. If it turns out being a massively cynical SOB helps then I’m all good.

                Liked by 1 person

  3. I actually just started Mass Effect 1 again myself. It’s going to take me a bit more than a week to get through a run on the game, though.

    Good luck with it! Doing three straight runthroughs to get all the trophies wouldn’t be a good time for me, but I hope you enjoy it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was shocked I sunk a playthrough’s worth of time in a mere week, haha.

      Thank you! I’m having a surprising amount of fun playing through the first game a lot. It’s held up quite well against the test of time. Must… get… shiny… trophy…

      Liked by 2 people

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