UNC: Platinum Mass Effect 1 (Week 2)

Alrighty! I’m still plugging away at my latest crazy video game goal: Get the PlayStation Platinum trophies for the entire Mass Effect trilogy (Please note: I love Andromeda too and already have a Platinum trophy for that one. Not bragging, just sayin’).

I’m hella proud to say I beat Hardcore difficulty with my Space Jerk Shepard today. And while I was hungover, I might add. My impressive ability to cast Singularity and run away paid off. This playthrough also accomplished all of the goals I had set:

  • Dick was a huge asshole to everyone and landed the Renegade trophy.
  • I made him woo Ashley Williams for the romance trophy. That arc was actually quite amusing (I think Ash is a badass and she’s one of my favourite Mass Effect people). The sexy time scene wasn’t too graphic, thankfully!
  • I got all of the Biotic power related trophies.
  • I completed most of the game with Tali and Wrex, earning their companion trophies.
  • I’ll say it again: I beat the game on Hardcore. Woot! Starting out was a pain, but once Dick’s Biotic powers were leveled enough, it turned into easy mode (shout-out to Tali for her shield cracking abilities).

Here are the screenshot highlights! Oh and apparently my screen capture card crapped out around the last of this playthrough. It sucks because I had some awesome shots… technology.

WARNING: Lots of !!!SPOILERS!!! below. Stop reading and scrolling if you don’t want the Mass Effect trilogy ruined for you. You have been warned.

Platinum Mass Effect Week 2 1
What an ass… intimidating the good reporter for moar credits.
Platinum Mass Effect Week 2 2
Hahaha… Tali’s line in Chora’s Den is pure gold!
Platinum Mass Effect Week 2 3
Yep. Dick died a lot at the start of this playthrough. This gets the prize for “Most Amusing Death Animation”.
Platinum Mass Effect Week 2 4
He had ZERO patience for Keeper scanning database drama.
Platinum Mass Effect Week 2 5
And Dick is off on his space adventure proper! Not a care in the universe about Anderson getting the bureaucratic shaft, either.
Platinum Mass Effect Week 2 6
Loved the angered sarcastic remark to the guy who accidentally shot Dick while he was trying to stop an asteroid from destroying a planet.
Platinum Mass Effect Week 2 7
Screw the hostages! The bad batarian who tried to smash an asteroid into a planet must die!! But who’s really the bad guy here?
Platinum Mass Effect Week 2 8
Meh to getting to Peak 15 the proper way. Dick sold out the hanar smuggler to get a free garage pass from Noveria’s corrupt director. Totally bypassed the whole evil security guard showdown, too.
Platinum Mass Effect Week 2 9
The fight with Benezia was a pain on Hardcore as an Adept… Let’s just say her and her asari commando squad put more holes in Dick’s head.
Platinum Mass Effect Week 2 10
At least I got the Barrier Mastery trophy during my many attempts.
Platinum Mass Effect Week 2 11
My victory cheer after finally pwning Benezia was short lived… The ass wiped out an entire once extinct race of creatures… yikes. 😦
Platinum Mass Effect Week 2 12
After Noveria, it was off to save Liara! Dick had no time to chat with cocky krogan mercs, that’s for sure.
Platinum Mass Effect Week 2 13
Feros was surprisingly easy! By this point I had maxed out most of Dick’s biotic powers. Singularity/Warp FTW!! Geth juggling was a blast.
Platinum Mass Effect Week 2 14
Dick is an ass and he mowed down all of the mind-controlled colonists instead of wasting time with non-lethal methods. Funny glitch! There’s a dead colonist floating away in a combat stance. She landed standing up on top of a structure… LOLz
Platinum Mass Effect Week 2 15
The Feros final fight was no problem. Warp/Singularity was quite effective on the waves of Thorian Creepers, plus Tali used Dampening whenever an Asari Clone showed up. And of course, Dick has no mercy for anyone and executed Saren’s former minion at the end.
Platinum Mass Effect Week 2 16
THE HUSKS HAVE ARMOR ON HARDCORE!! Ahem. Yeah. I died a few times after randomly stumbling into this husk nest. Thank the Maker for Singularity! They… were flying everywhere…. *sobs*
Platinum Mass Effect Week 2 17
Kaidan got left behind on Virmire with no second thoughts.
Platinum Mass Effect Week 2 18
And this is the last screenshot that got saved. Stupid technology and PS3 for not having a native screen capture function. To sum up the rest: Space Dick hilariously wooed Ashley, he happily sacrificed the Council, Saren was intimidated into shooting himself, and at the end Udina and Dick are planning to advance human interests across the galaxy.

And now, my Insanity playthrough begins! Please, please don’t tell me the Husks have Biotic powers or something… 😦

Thanks for reading!

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14 thoughts on “UNC: Platinum Mass Effect 1 (Week 2)”

    1. For sure! Mass Effect judges people on the content of their character not their grotesque appearance, eh! I wish our planet was like that.


  1. Insanity isn’t THAT brutal (this is one of a very small number of games I played to 100%), but the enemies are super spongy. It takes forever to take down some of the bad guys as their shields are really strong and then they regenerate. Good use of your allies’ abilities is key.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. True. I’m finding Insanity not that bad, so far! Knowing when to use your squad’s abilities and not getting surrounded are the keys to victory, for sure.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Good luck! I shall never go down this path of epicness, wish you all the best of luck Commander! Your character is going to have issues in Mass Effect 3 with all those War Assets if he wants to get the good ending.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I only do crazy game challenges for PSN trophies, haha. And that’s assuming Dick is actually going to survive the suicide mission in Mass Effect 2… haha

      Liked by 1 person

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