N7: Platinum Mass Effect 2 (Week 2)

Welcome to Part 2 of my Mass Effect 2 Platinum trophy quest! You can check out Part 1 here.

Yes. I’ve been all over the place lately, so just to clarify: this weekly progress post period is from June 29th to July 6th 2019. I also had a vacation in between there too, meaning I had much more fun in reality for a change! Games are still fun, though.

WARNING: Lots of !!!SPOILERS!!! below. Stop reading and scrolling if you don’t want the Mass Effect trilogy ruined for you. You have been warned.

This week was all about the Suicide Squad’s loyalty quests and recruiting the last two members. One of my favourite things about Mass Effect 2 is how close you become to the companion characters. I legit enjoy helping my friends out while earning their trust in the process. D’aww! One big happy Mass Effect family.

N7 Platinum Mass Effect Week 2 1
Oh gosh… this scene still brings a tear to my eyes.. sniffs. Ahem. Tali’s mission is an emotional one, for sure! Basically, the Migrant Fleet recalls her to face charges of being a traitor (she sent some inactive geth parts to her Admiral Dad, and now geth have slaughtered everyone on that ship). My Shepard agreed to clear the ship, gave Tali a huge bear hug when she finds her dead father, and delivered an inspiring speech to clear Tali’s name (instead of presenting the evidence that will ruin her dad’s rep).
N7 Platinum Mass Effect Week 2 2
The next two Suicide Squad recruits were on Illium. And you know who else was on Illium? LIARA!!! WOO! The greeting kiss was totally unnecessary, in my asexual Shepard’s mind. But hey, I truly love Liara and if that makes her happy, I’m willing to reluctantly oblige, I guess. Liara’s had a bit of a, um, “career change” while my Shepard was busy getting resurrected. Meh! I had absolutely no problem helping her with some shady business dealings. I’ll do anything for true love!
N7 Platinum Mass Effect Week 2 3
After the warm reunion with my badass asari life partner (yes, this Ellen Shepard will NEVER romance anyone else), it was time to recruit Thane the assassin, who was hunting the evil CEO Nassana (the asari diplomat lady who tricked me into killing her sister in ME1). While climbing the building I earned the Warp Specialist trophy. Lots of Eclipse mercs with Biotic Barriers FTW!
N7 Platinum Mass Effect Week 2 4
And another trophy popped while tracking down Thane! This one was for combining my squad’s biotic powers 20 times. Trophies can indeed make me become moar tactical.
N7 Platinum Mass Effect Week 2 5
Thane at last! A dying badass-voiced assassin with a heart of gold and deep insights on life?? Swoon!! I wanna hug him so hard and spend the rest of my life talking to him. If Liara hadn’t of already stolen my Shepard’s heart this playthrough, of course.
N7 Platinum Mass Effect Week 2 6
Asari Justicars are an interesting group. They live and die by a code of honor with no moral grey areas, and will not hesitate to murder anyone who violates their rule of law (to the dismay of local law enforcement on Illium). Samara the Justicar was was my last recruit. She’s a total badass and my Paragon ways align nicely with her values… I hope.
N7 Platinum Mass Effect Week 2 7
Miranda’s loyalty quest was about saving her little sister from her evil controlling father. Trust no one, apparently… Turns out Miranda’s BFF Niket betrayed her and started working for her dear daddy. Yeah… I stopped Miranda from killing him (figured she might regret it after), but an asari merc took care of the deed anyway. Oops!

And that’s it for Week 2! Like I said, I was on vacation a good chunk of that weekly period so not a lot of gaming happened.

Thanks for reading!

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