N7: Platinum Mass Effect 2 (Week 6-ish)

Welcome to Part 4 of my Mass Effect 2 Platinum Trophy quest! You can check out Part 3 here.

Now I know. Infiltrator is the way to go on Insanity difficulty. Shout-out to Drakulus for the expert advice. I’m loving the cloaking ability and devastating sniper damage thus far. Insanity and Romance… the only two trophies between me and that shiny Platinum.

N7 Platinum Mass Effect 2 6 1
The Space Dick… he lives!! Mwahahaha 😈

I always prefer to be the righteous hero in games, but it’s really fun being evil once in a while, I’m not going to lie. Shepard’s Renegade lines are pure dark humour gold in this game. I really need that kind of humour these days, lemme tell ya.

Here’s how Week 6-ish went down. I’m pretending July 28th to August 18th didn’t happen in my life, so this covers August 19th to August 24th 2019. I like to keep proper records of my video game ramblings… what can I say?

WARNING: Lots of !!!SPOILERS!!! below. Stop reading and scrolling if you don’t want the Mass Effect trilogy ruined for you. You have been warned.

N7 Platinum Mass Effect 2 6 2
Dick seemed extra cranky after being rudely awoken from a long resurrection nap.
N7 Platinum Mass Effect 2 6 3
He has no problem working for a terrorist organization. Reapers must die, no matter the cost!
N7 Platinum Mass Effect 2 6 4
Space Dick and Miranda really hit it off…
N7 Platinum Mass Effect 2 6 5
Dick couldn’t care less about Veetor’s well being. He sent the distraught quarian to Cerberus for questioning about the missing human colony, despite Tali’s plea not to. [Tali disapproves]
N7 Platinum Mass Effect 2 7
Dick quickly put the Cerberus minions in their place. His mission now. Deal with it!
N7 Platinum Mass Effect 2 8
There are now two rules on Omega: Nobody fucks with Dick Shepard either.
N7 Platinum Mass Effect 2 9
Sweet talking for store discounts is overrated.
N7 Platinum Mass Effect 2 10
The proper way to deal with looters in a plague zone.
N7 Platinum Mass Effect 2 11
Never leave your enemies alive. Dick was legit hurt when Mordin’s assistant didn’t appreciate his cutthroat rescue style.
N7 Platinum Mass Effect 2 12
It’s a shame Warden Kuril screwed over Dick during the Jack exchange. I think they would’ve been great friends. The fight with him was easy as an Infiltrator once I knew the trick. Get shields down ASAP, ignore his minions, then BAM! Headshots rule.
N7 Platinum Mass Effect 2 13
Dick refused to bow down to the Council again and had C-Sec keep him dead in the official records.
N7 Platinum Mass Effect 2 14
Sure. The Paragon way of “This is my favourite store on the Citadel” endorsement to get discounts is cute and all that, but the Renegade options are SO MUCH more entertaining. 😈
N7 Platinum Mass Effect 2 15
Of course Dick dealt the infamous devastating blow to fake news during his Citadel visit.
N7 Platinum Mass Effect 2 16
Archer deserved his punch even more after the Overlord DLC. Why would you do that to your own brother?? Damn. The final fight was a pain in the ass, but I finally got a pattern down. Ignore the geth as much as possible without dying instantly, and DO NOT let that upload happen.
N7 Platinum Mass Effect 2 17
Dick let the cruel project continue for the greater benefit to the universe. Poor David. Also, holy crap… Dick is looking pretty freaking evil now.

Thanks for reading!

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