N7: Platinum Mass Effect 2 (Week 7)

Welcome to Part 5 of my Mass Effect 2 Platinum Trophy quest! You can check out Part 4 here.

I… really love the Infiltrator class! I’m so glad this Platinum Trophy Insanity quest pushed me to try it out. There’s nothing sweeter than cloaking and landing the perfect headshot on an unfortunate enemy. I’ve gathered tons of sniper upgrades and damage boosts at this point. I can pretty much one-shot any lesser enemy, even if they have full shields up. If I get caught dying outside of cover, I can cloak to get the hell out of there. I’ve even used the cloaking ability to get an objective without having to kill all the enemies. Awesome. Insanity difficulty is more fun instead of frustrating now. Yay!

N7 Platinum Mass Effect 2 Week 7 3
Is this called… tactical? It’s actually fun! The Sniper Rifle needs moar ammo, though.

And yes, this is taking a lot longer than my Mass Effect 1 Platinum quest, but that’s okay. Other things in my life take priority over video games these days. Here’s how Week 7 went down, which covers August 25th to August 31st 2019.

WARNING: Lots of !!!SPOILERS!!! below. Stop reading and scrolling if you don’t want the Mass Effect trilogy ruined for you. You have been warned.

I have one last recruit before the Illusive Man triggers the Horizon mission. Yep. The Archangel mission is still a pain in the ass, especially the shutter part where I called it a week. I left Jack upstairs to defend Garrus so it’s just me and Miranda vs the Blood Pack mercs downstairs. Dick the Adept got through it on Insanity so I’m sure Dick the Infiltrator will get through it in Week 8.

The upcoming Horizon mission is where I gave up on my Adept Insanity attempt. I’m anxious to see if my new Infiltrator skillz will be enough to get me through it this playthrough.

N7 Platinum Mass Effect 2 Week 7 1
That’s a good question, Kasumi. I didn’t even notice the Statue of Liberty’s Head in Hock’s vault the other two times I did Kasumi’s Loyalty mission.
N7 Platinum Mass Effect 2 Week 7 2
Hock also has a statue of an Ogre from the Dragon Age series. HA! You always pick up new things, I guess.
N7 Platinum Mass Effect 2 Week 7 4
That’s about as merciful as Dick can get while still getting Renegade points. Better limp away faster, bud.
N7 Platinum Mass Effect 2 Week 7 5
It was fun being rude to Warlord Okeer, the unfeeling krogan zealot. Also, sorry Miranda, but Dick’s been promised to Jack this playthrough. The final fight with Jedore was a breeze. I used the same cheap tactic as last time: Don’t leave the door, murder each krogan that comes marching in, take out the mech, then pwn Jedore (which was even easier this time: 3 headshots FTW).
N7 Platinum Mass Effect 2 Week 7 6
It wasn’t hard to persuade Grunt to join me after cracking open his tank. Dick’s superior command abilities sealed the deal. “My enemies threaten galaxies. Everyone on my ship has earned their place.”
N7 Platinum Mass Effect 2 Week 7 7
Dick ain’t a righteous hero. Before heading out to hunt Archangel, Dick ignored the Paragon option to stop the hotheaded youth named “Guy” from going on his own suicide mission. Only the strong survive on Omega. Darwin and all that.
N7 Platinum Mass Effect 2 Week 7 8
Renegade options are way more fun for Dick, anyway. He thoroughly enjoyed taking out the unaware Sergeant Cathka with his own welder. That should weaken Tarak’s gunship later on in the mission. Woot!
N7 Platinum Mass Effect 2 Week 7 9
Dick definitely seemed to enjoy betraying his merc buddies once he got across the bridge to Archangel.
N7 Platinum Mass Effect 2 Week 7 10
Aw! The asshole seems so happy to be reunited with Garrus.
N7 Platinum Mass Effect 2 Week 7 11
He won’t admit it, but I think Dick was legit concerned for Garrus’ well-being. And that’s where I left off this week: at the start of the Blood Pack wave of the merc band assault.

Thanks for reading!

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