Niko Bellic, My Murderous Merc-For-Hire


Back in the day (Earth year 2017 to be exact), the talented folks over at Later Levels asked the wonderful blogging community questions every month is a challenge aptly called Question of the Month. In October 2017, the big question was this:

If you needed a mercenary, which video game character would you hire?

I enjoyed answering the question on my long deleted old blog, thus have now remastered my answer on Livid Lightning for no reason at all. Enjoy!

Honestly, and unsurprisingly, I really wanted to say Lightning Farron, but I’m going to try really hard to talk about other characters for a change. Plus Lightning does whatever the hell she wants, whenever she feels like it (not a very good mercenary quality). After my shero, my mind immediately went to a Grand Theft Auto place which has been a guilty pleasure of mine since high school. So yes, I’m choosing one a violent criminal from the series: Niko Bellic (or Нико Белиж in his native Serbian language) from Grand Theft Auto IV.

Niko Bellic, My Murderous Merc-For-Hire 1
Explosions, mindless carnage, stealing shiny things… all things I love about GTA!

GTA IV isn’t my favourite in the series, but Niko is definitely my favourite protagonist! Grand Theft Auto San Andreas will likely always be my #1 crime spree playground, but IV brought some interesting mechanics to the table. It had its own parody version of the internet, introduced a cell phone for the protagonist, and the ability to get drunk with Niko’s friends. I’ll never forget Niko screaming “Yellow car!!” at the taxi cabs near the end of his glorious nights out. That’s right! Even in violent video games, I refuse to allow drinking and driving.

Niko is probably the “nicest” thug in the series too. He’s an immigrant with a very troubled past and just wants to live the American dream. Unfortunately, he gets caught up in shady goings on, and gets blackmailed into doing some pretty awful things. One of the things I love most about his character is the hilarious interactions with his cousin, Roman. There was this one mission where Niko is pinned down by gunfire and suddenly his phone rings. It’s cousin Roman, and he wants to go bowling… Niko’s grouchy reactions to his needy cousin’s incessant need to hang out always made me chuckle.

Niko Bellic, My Murderous Merc-For-Hire 2
Poor Roman. All he wants is to go bowling with his cousin.

So why would I hire him as a mercenary? Let me try to explain my answer in 100 short words!

Born into an abusive family, turned into a ruthless teenage solider during the harsh Bosnian Wars… Niko never had a chance to be a “good” person. He’s full of anger, sorrow, and remorse, but handles any mission with coldblooded precision, unleashing his boiling emotions in the form of bullets. He detaches himself from the morality of any situation, only focusing on doing the job. He’ll work for corrupt government agencies, drug gangs, the Russian Mafia, human smugglers… Niko just doesn’t care about his own life anymore; it’s all about supporting his cousin. Defeated and capable of anything: the perfect mercenary.

Niko Bellic, My Murderous Merc-For-Hire 3
I wonder how much he’d charge?

Thanks for reading!

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6 thoughts on “Niko Bellic, My Murderous Merc-For-Hire”

  1. Good choice of merc, a lot of mercenaries can’t be trusted and end up double crossing their employer but Niko I’d say is very trustworthy & his honour is a big part of his character the only downside would be Roman getting involved and probably getting himself shot cos he won’t shut up haha, I agree on GTA San Andreas that’s my favourite one too it was also the first GTA I played.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! He is definitely the most trustworthy thug in the series, haha. Also, yay for San Andreas! I’m excited to see what the next GTA game will be all about.


  2. Ah, I have the same problem you do because the Great General could and would kill anyone he was hire to take out with no trouble and enough time to get espresso afterwards, so I really should think of someone else. There are a TON of actual mercenaries or merc types in games, too, so it’s not like it’s a small list, and I’d like to steer clear of those characters, too. Let’s go with Kratos in Dad, er, God of War 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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