Gracing GreedFall

⚡ Caution ⚡ This post may contain minor spoilers for the beginnings of GreedFall. Some people like going into games knowing as little as possible (like me) so just thought I’d give you fair warning!

GreedFall Boxart

Woot! Shiny new action RPG I’m playing at release (for a change). Many of the preview articles I read pegged this on the BioWare-level of RPG awesomeness so I decided to preorder it, putting my Mass Effect Trilogy Platinum Quest on hold. And, yes. The Dragon Age vibes are quite strong will this one! I have lovingly dubbed this game “Dragon Age: Assassin’s Creed (Witcher 3 Edition)”

Not a bad thing at all to borrow some great gameplay elements from other great RPGs to create an immersive world. Maker knows I need a game to lose myself in with all the chaos surrounding my real world these days. Ahem.

I’m sitting at over 12 hours invested in Teer Fradee at the moment, and have to say I’m not disappointed thus far. Here are some of my unimportant initial opinions on stuff relating to this video game title!

Lightning Likes

⚡ – Cosplaying De Sardet as my shero

GreedFall First Impressions 1
For lack of pink hair option, I think I made her very Lightning-like! I still have no idea what the creepy mark thing is on her face (in due story advancing time, I’m sure). I… thought it was a default beard option at first glance 😂

Anyone who pays the slightest bit of attention to me knows I love Lightning Farron from the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy with all of my fangirl heart. She’s an important character whom I see a protective big sisterly figure, and a badly needed source of inspiration for clicking Continue whenever I seem to hit life’s Game Over screen. Therefore, I tend to want to make my protagonists resemble her whenever I can because I’m totally weird like that.

The creation options for the main character in GreedFall are somewhat limited when compared to, say, this game’s obvious primary inspiration (Dragon Age Inquisition *cough*), but I was happy with the look of my Lady “Lightning” De Sardet. I also like how the whole character creation process was presented to me – a painter painting the MC’s portrait. Very immersive!

⚡ – Interesting setting and story

GreedFall First Impressions 3

Who doesn’t love a mysterious island setting with themes about evil religion, bad science, curing diseases, and oppressing natives? There are also some serious decisions you have to make on how to complete quests. It’s a balancing act trying to remain in the good graces of all the factions, let me tell you.

And I can already foresee me and entire religious zealot nation of Theleme not getting along well… at all.

⚡ – Cool companions who know when to move outta my freaking way

GreedFall First Impressions 7
Companions always stand beside the door to new areas… instead of getting in my damn way. How considerate!

So far, I’ve recruited Kurt (obligatory “Green blood!”), Vasco (badass Naut BFF), Siora (sisterly native warrior), and Petrus (kindly old religious guy). They are nice to talk too and I love learning about them, BioWare style. I’m excited to meet whoever else comes along on this journey.

The two companions you decide to take with you will follow you, as per usual. While this is a great feature in most RPGs, I often find followers getting in my character’s way… a lot. Not the case in GreedFall! Companions scurry out of the way quickly when I run at them, and always stand beside doors when you enter new areas, not blocking them. Awesome!

⚡ – Fancy hats and other fashions

GreedFall First Impressions 8
My De Sardet is totally stylin’!

ZOMG the hats! No other video game does head fashion like GreedFall does. Overall, I find the outfit designs in this game very, very nice to look at. I do enjoy feeling badass while I’m bashing things.

Lightning Loathes

💥 – Cheap fade outs replacing cutscene actions

GreedFall First Impressions 4
Boo! I could’ve been looking forward to seeing the prostitutes bring the poisoned wine to the hapless Naut guards. Ya never know… jeez.

Ugh! This has happened a few times, and I find it quite annoying whenever it does. The characters will say “Cool. Let’s do this!”, but instead of seeing a cutscene where they do that, you get a black screen flash, and then characters saying “Hey! We totally did that thing.”

I do get it. It’s probably the developers cutting back on their animation budget and whatnot, but still. I want to be shown story elements, not told about them. That goes for books and video games.

💥 – Too many little graphic glitches

GreedFall First Impressions 6
Clipping into the environment can’t feel too good… poor NPC.

There has been some clipping moments, jittery movements, and certain cutscenes where the NPC’s eyes will remain half-shut (LOL, scary). I mean, the graphics aren’t game breaking by any means, but I get cranky when I see too many glitches

💥 – Mouth animation design

GreedFall First Impressions 5
Catching a lot of creepy smile-grimaces in my screenshots. Vasco still looks quite dashing though 🙂

Watching the characters talk, which will happen a lot, is quite amusing since their mouths often move quite unnaturally… almost like puppets?

Overall Game Goals

I’m loving the story escape, despite some surface flaws. I didn’t really mention the combat system in this article, mostly because I’m still figuring out the details (aka I have still have no idea WTF I’m doing). True to my heart, I’ve just been bashing things on easy difficulty with a cool purple quality axe I found. Fun times!!

GreedFall First Impressions 2
Watch out, murderous religious fanatics… I’m so gonna pwn you whenever I get the option.

The Platinum Trophy looks like it will require a few playthroughs, and one on max difficulty. I don’t see me enjoying that process in the slightest, so just an easy trophy sweep over a single playthrough should satisfy me with this game. Then back to Mass Effect 2 Platinuming.

Thanks for reading!

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8 thoughts on “Gracing GreedFall”

    1. It’s your own fault for reading my ramblings in the first place. Can’t help ya, buddy!

      That is a nice title! Also, GreedFail is quite popular with noobz who like to hate on popular games needlessly.




    This game looks like a lot of fun. I still haven’t played it yet, been getting through Gears 5 and Borderlands 3. Been too hooked on Borderlands 3 and Gears to have much time for other games. I have it installed tho. This looks awesome! Pls do a review.

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  2. I have been disappointed with Bioware’s recent output. Maybe I should try this out for something akin to the RPGs they used to put out. Even if it doesn’t prove to be my cup of tea I can at least admire the hats.

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