Taj the Genie, My Most Memorable NPC

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Back in the day (Earth year 2017 to be exact), the talented folks over at Later Levels asked the wonderful blogging community questions every month is a challenge aptly called Question of the Month. In September 2017, the big question was this:

Who’s the most memorable video game NPC?

I enjoyed answering the question on my long deleted old blog (That was the first time I deleted my blog, by the way… I’m recovering from my second deletion presently. Go me!), thus have now remastered my answer on Livid Lightning for no reason at all. Enjoy!

Coming right from the childhood nostalgia: Taj the Genie from Diddy Kong Racing!

Taj the Genie 2
Such a beautiful place, if you ignore the giant space pig.

I’m sorry Mario, but in my nostalgia filled eyes, Diddy Kong had the superior kart racer on the good ol’ Nintendo 64. Sure, the story was kinda nuts – A giant, very evil, space pig randomly takes over a defenseless little tiger’s island, and the only way to stop him is to race people for, uh, balloons…? It made no sense at all, but it really added to the game’s whimsical charm! There were angry animal bosses to race, a beautiful island overworld to explore, unforgettable racetracks, secrets to uncover, and most awesomely – DAVID WISE MUSIC! I can’t tell you how many hours I spent on that island as a kid, and to this day, I still declare it my 4th favourite game of all-time.

Taj the Genie 1
Sage advice, my blue elephant friend!

Your best friend during this crazy racing journey was Taj, the island’s resident genie. In just 100 words or less, can I convince you just how memorable he is? Let’s find out! I like to be wordy, so this is going to be a challenge..

“Hello there! I am the genie of the island. I’m here to help you.” The first words I heard in a game, and Taj was always there for me after that. When I won a race, he flew over on his magical carpet and awarded me a shiny balloon. When I needed to change vehicles on the overworld, I had to crash into him, or honk on a giant picture of his face on the ground. No matter how much I sucked, he always told me what a great racer I was. I’ll never forget the big blue elephant guy!

Taj the Genie 3

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11 thoughts on “Taj the Genie, My Most Memorable NPC”

      1. It’s on my list along with about six or seven hundred other games, some times I think my love of gaming is a curse 😅

        If I can find a copy at decent price I’ll pick it up for sure.

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  1. OMG! I remember this game! Diddy Kong Racing used to be my jam! I even unlocked all characters back in the day and loved just flying around the island! Anyone remember tbat Christmas themed land with the loop-de-loop? That was my favorite! Dude, thanks for bringing these hurried memories back up!

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