GreedFall ⚡Review

GreedFall Review 1.png

Platform Played On: PlayStation 4
Developer: Spiders
Publisher: Focus Home Interactive
Genre: Action RPG
Release Date: September 10th, 2019

I was in need of a new Dragon Age-like gaming experience, and that’s definitely what I got with this game! Nothing distracts me from life’s drama like a nice and fun action RPG. WHY IS LIFE SO HARD?? Dragons… are awesome… *sobs uncontrollably* Ahem. Sorry. Lemme try to get into a semi-professional video game review mode. Nope! No painful memories being struggled with at all over here. Notta one, eh. Dragon Age is a great video game series, by the way. A really awesome video game series that I miss… a lot. Luckily, GreedFall has given me some badly needed happy new memories! Thank you for that, above all else, game I’m about to semi-seriously review. 🐉

How Far I Got

The shiny Platinum Trophy did not call to me in this one (thank the Maker… I mean, En on míl frichtimen), but I did go out of my way to scoop up a few easy trophies relating to the different playstyles. I was happy with just a single playthrough, which took just under 60 hours of my precious time. I was struggling with some pretty intense personal emotions while playing, so I can safely say at least 3 of those hours was spent listening to the wind blowing through the trees at the loading camp with my companions, while sobbing on my couch like a lost child. Comforting escapism at its finest! I also made all of the companion quests a priority. Friends are very important to me. Sigh… Keep it together, Ellen.

Lightning Review

Mysterious island theme FTW! The game starts out with the important usual task of creating your version of the game’s protagonist: De Sardet, Legate of the Congregation of Merchants (Side Note: If you want to get absolutely hammered while playing, take a drink every time your De Sardet formally introduces themselves to any NPC. Woo!). The character-creating happens while a painter is painting De Sardet’s portrait, which was a really neat way to implement it. Of course, you can choose their gender and all the usual superficial human things. There is also a weird mark on their face that concerned me at first (silly me thought it was an odd beard option), but you’ll learn all about that in good story advancing time.

GreedFall Review 2.png
So immersive! There were enough customization options for me to Lightning-ify my De Sardet, so yay! That’s honestly all I want to see in a game’s character creation process.

From there, you pick Skills, Attributes, Talents, and then get your butt kicked by your first pal Kurt (Green Blood!!) during the combat intro before being sent into the city of Serene (tutorial area). The game is quick to show you how you can complete quests multiple ways, depending on how you spend your Talent points, etc. You can even use stealth sometimes. Brute force is always my path of preference, but it’s nice to know there are other options I’ll never use.

GreedFall Review 4.png
See! Kurt (Green Blood!!) understands the value of brute force diplomacy.

I won’t go into plot details outside of my spoiler section. Basically, the mission is to find a cure for a deadly disease called The Malichor on an uncharted island, while keeping the peace between factions of oppressed natives, religious zealots, and hardhearted scientists who have taken up residence on da island. Lots of conflicts to get involved in, that’s for sure! You have reputation meters with all of the factions as well, so there are some careful choices to make if you want to play nice with everyone.

GreedFall Review 11.png
My De Sardet was not amused by most of the evil shenanigans going on.

You’ll spend most of the game killing monsters (of both beastly and human design) and talking to people, like any good action RPG. I was a bit disappointed by the limited choices during dialog sequences. And without even trying to avoid romancing my companions, I can’t say I ever saw the obvious option to get with them pop up. That’s more than cool with me, though. I’m happy being close friends with characters without the annoying kiss-y stuff. Meh!

GreedFall Review 9
I like to call these things saber toothed bear-beavers.

Don’t ask me how the combat system is officially supposed to work… I played it on easy difficulty as a warrior who liked mindlessly bashing evil things with her axe. My brain was NOT in a good place during my playthrough, and this was a nice way to just do something distracting that didn’t require much thinking energy on my part. There is an extreme difficulty option and lots of tactical things to play with (for example, you can freeze combat a la Dragon Age) if you like that challenge thing in your games.

GreedFall Review 3
Tactics? Huh. Wuh? Me no understand. Me want bash bad things! Me really sad. Me miss lost BFF 😦

The game is split into several confined areas with a loading camp in between where you can interact with your pals and sell all the junk you acquire. The environments are beautiful, even though they “lack variety”. It’s a tiny island with one season. Not sure why I saw so many complaints online about the environment variety thing. Whatever. I got an overall tranquil autumn vibe while traversing the zones, which fit well with the time of year I was playing it in. I also enjoyed the tribal drum beats during combat. Badass!

GreedFall Review 12
Teer Fradee is a lovely island to explore if you ignore all the human drama!

For those elite gamer individuals who like technically flawless gaming experiences, you’ll sadly be cringing a lot while playing GreedFall. There are tons of awkward character animations (stealth crouching looks painful), fade-outs to avoid animating character actions with cutscenes, and my female De Sardet got called “he” several times while talking to NPCs (I’m She/Her… respect my protagonist’s pronouns, dammit!). Oh and I hated random “wait until this time of day” requirements for some quests. But yeah, I encountered nothing game breaking, by any means. Just some minor things that put a damper on what was otherwise a fantastic experience.

GreedFall Review 10
Ow! My knees and back hurt just watching this. Thankfully for my characters, I don’t like stealthing often.

My Overall Biased Opinion

This wonderful game was there for me when I fell below the rock bottom of my reality. I had a falling out with one of the closest friends I’ve ever had, and I just couldn’t process my crushed feelings properly at all. GreedFall gave me a new world to get lost in and some new virtual friends to meet. The close sisterly and brotherly connections my De Sardet formed with Siora and Vasco truly meant the world to my heartbroken self. And… now I never want to play it again since it reminds me of how horribly I failed to help my lost BFF in reality. Sorry, game!

Overall, action RPGs with cool stories are awesome, and this one is right up there despite some technical flaws. I will say that the Dragon Age Inquisition and Witcher 3 Wild Hunt vibes are strong with this one, so if you like those masterpieces, chances are good that GreedFall will likely be great to you too. If for no other reason at all, play it to see the fancy hats and other fashions!

Memory Lane
SPOILERS AHEAD!!! You have been warned.

This section of my video game reviews is a way for me to remember my journey through a game. Major spoilers will be present here so please avoid this unless you’ve already played the game, or don’t have any plans to. Feel free to share any experiences you’ve had with this game in the comments area thingy below.

My Game Summary

After I got my butt kicked training with Kurt (Green Blood!!), exploring the tutorial area of Serene went well. I side-quested to my heart’s delight, but it wasn’t too much (like the 10+ hours I spent in Dragon Age Inquisition’s starting area… that was TOO MUCH). I sailed off to the mysterious island proper once I freed Constantine (Cousin!) and pwned an island monster the Nauts accidentally let loose from one of their ships. Oops!

GreedFall Review 5.png
Whoa! What else is on this island?? Jeez.

Cousin-Governor Constantine was given some medicine by a sketchy doctor after landing (Oh, wow! This might be how the evil Bridge Alliance doctor gave him The Malichor) and my De Sardet was sent to chat with the Governors of Thélème and the Bridge Alliance in their respective cities (on opposite sides of the island since these two factions hate each other). Thélème’s evil elements are trying to ruthlessly convert the island natives to their religion. The Bridge Alliance’s evil elements are running cruel experiments on the natives in the name of “Malichor research”. Yikes. My De Sardet picked the side of the natives often, I’ll leave it at that.

GreedFall Review 7
The dialogue is cheesy sometimes…

Eventually, the Coin Guard (mercenary faction) rebelled against everyone, I saved everybody, Constantine “caught” the deadly Malichor, I discovered the Congregation of Merchants have been on the island before everyone else, found out my De Sardet is actually the daughter of a native (explains the face mark), and recruited a Native healer to ease Cousin’s suffering.

GreedFall Review 19.png
Poor cousin.

Asking the god of the island (or demon of the island depending on who you ask), En on míl frichtimen, was apparently the only way to find a cure. And the native High King was the only way to gain an audience with the big tree (yes, the god is a talking tree). Unfortunately, Cousin Constantine was kidnapped by the High King and I had to kill him in bird-guardian form, then pick a new High King by finding a crown in some ruins (I chose the wise pro-peace guy named Dunncas). The godly tree warned me that the Malichor is the result of the continent-dwellers reckless disregard for the land, and also to watch out for Constantine. Wait… what?

GreedFall Review 16
Hey, High King! Is this a bad time to ask if you can show me the way to En on míl frichtimen?

Yep. The big godly tree did not lie! To “cure” Constantine of the Malichor, the healer did a ritual that turned Constantine into a Doneigad who is bonded with the island (he even has the cool antler things on his head after). All that power corrupted De Sardet’s dear cousin, and now he’s the big bad to defeat before he drains all the island’s energy for himself. I somehow managed to get all the factions to join me for the confrontation in the heart of the island (yay, diplomacy!). I pwned the corrupted guardian final boss that cousin sent after me. Finally, I chose to kill Constantine rather than join in on his power-hungry madness. Alas! Poor cousin.

GreedFall Review 17.png
The end!

Kurt’s Quest Line: Putting an end to the rogue Coin Guard sect responsible for murdering one of his recruits.

GreedFall Review 21.png
Happy to help you with the brutal justice, my friend.

Siora’s Quest Line: Respectfully giving her mother a proper island native funeral after discovering she died in combat.

GreedFall Review 15.png
… 😭

Vasco’s Quest Line: Helping him with the Naut test of loyalty and watching him get promoted (which included badass face tattoo upgrade).

GreedFall Review 8.png
Nice face ink, my dude! I’m sure even the Dalish elves of the Dragon Age series would be hella jealous.

Petrus’ Quest Line: Blackmail the Mother Cardinal and help De Sardet meet her real mother’s family.

GreedFall Review 20.png
Secrets are bad… but I forgive you, father.

Aphra’s Quest Line: Helping her learn more about the native transformation ritual, and giving her more respect for their rituals in the process.

GreedFall Review 18
That is one heck of a ritual, eh?

Favourite Story Moment

I was quite proud of myself for making the entire nation of Thélème accept the fact that their messiah was friends with the island native’s god. Ha! Facts > Beliefs.

Favourite Ability/Item/Weapon

The hats!! All of the fancy hats. Honorable mention to the capes.

Favourite “Oh S@#%” Moment

I was really freaking enraged and greatly upset by Inquisitor Aloysius’ burning of an island guardian and strangling of an innocent native who refused to convert when I first arrived in Thélème’s city. I enjoyed kicking his murderous-religious-zealot ass in combat after I chose to disown his god.

GreedFall Review 6
The dark side of religion can be downright horrifying.

Favourite Zone/Level/Area

The whole island was full of nature and wonderful, honestly. Especially the wild parts untouched by the invading factions.

Favourite Character

I can’t choose between Vasco and Siora. I was really happy to have formed sibling-like connections with both of these amazing characters. I’d love to go sailing with Vasco and get a matching face tattoo. I’d love to go exploring the wilds with Siora and listening to her wisdom along the way.

GreedFall Review 14
Only true friends will believe your crazy vision stories.

Most Tedious Gameplay Moment

Wait for “X time of day/night” as quest requirements. Unnecessary time sink!! I just want to do the quest and not have to wait/hike to a campfire.

Most Amusing Graphic Glitch

During one chat, Mr de Courcillon lost his chair location and the laws of physics didn’t seem to mind.

GreedFall Review 13.png
Teach me the ways of hover-sitting, master! I’m tired of being so dependent on chairs.

Final Stats

Total Playtime: 59 hours 6 minutes 49 seconds (I won’t go to the nanosecond)

PlayStation Trophies: 44/59

Silver PlayStation TrophySilver Trophy 1 - Missed CoupSilver Trophy 2 - All for one, one for allSilver Trophy 3 - A big step towards peace
Bronze PlayStation TrophyBronze Trophy 1 - In the footsteps of our fathersBronze Trophy 2 - On the path to powerBronze Trophy 3 - All sails set!Bronze Trophy 4 - Full of talentBronze Trophy 5 - The legend of the plainsBronze Trophy 6 - Melee VirtuosoBronze Trophy 7 - The wreckerBronze Trophy 8 - In search of perfectionBronze Trophy 9 - ExpertiseBronze Trophy 10 - CarantsBronze Trophy 11 - Full pocketsBronze Trophy 12 - Worthy of LegendsBronze Trophy 13 - The art of warBronze Trophy 14 - Swamp creatureBronze Trophy 15 - Cat burglarBronze Trophy 16 - ArtisanBronze Trophy 17 - AlchemistBronze Trophy 18 - Master of the woodsBronze Trophy 19 - Thélème's chosenBronze Trophy 20 - King of the peaksBronze Trophy 21 - Arena ExcellenceBronze Trophy 22 - The prince's secretsBronze Trophy 23 - Coercive DiplomacyBronze Trophy 24 - The monster's nightmareBronze Trophy 25 - MusketeerBronze Trophy 26 - Another sipBronze Trophy 27 - Serve to convinceBronze Trophy 28 - Friendship above allBronze Trophy 29 - WaterproofBronze Trophy 30 - War mageBronze Trophy 31 - DeceitfulBronze Trophy 32 - Outside the stone prisionBronze Trophy 33 - Influence gameBronze Trophy 34 - En on míl frichtimenBronze Trophy 35 - Poisioning artistBronze Trophy 36 - Favoured with the Bridge AllianceBronze Trophy 37 - Curiosity cabinetBronze Trophy 38 - Something is rottenBronze Trophy 39 - ExplorerBronze Trophy 40 - Magical perfectionBronze Trophy 41 - Incomparable technique

Thanks for reading!

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20 thoughts on “GreedFall ⚡Review”

  1. 44 trophies is very impressive! I’m guessing the last few are difficulty related? Bleh.

    Anyways, I loved this review! I love that you inject a bit of IRL flair into your writing, it’s rad! You defo have a gift!

    This game looks so sick, too. I’ll definitely be giving it a try – but right now I’m 60hrs into Dragon Age Inquisition so I think playing this straight after would be a bit tooooo familiar. I’ll add it to my list of games to play next year, though – my interest is peaked!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The trophies I didn’t get were for extreme difficulty, romancing characters (blah!), stealth killing, and story paths I didn’t take, haha.

      Thank you so much for the nice words about my ramblings!

      Inquisition took me 120 hours to finish… Yeah. GreedFall is a lite version of Inquisition, imo, so definitely take a break first, haha. Have fun! 🐉


  2. ‘The shiny Platinum Trophy did not call to me in this one’ and then at the end you reveal you earned 44 out of 59 trophies! I wish I could have the focus to earn 75% of a games trophy collection without wanting the Platinum Trophy!
    Maybe I should give Greedfall a go and see how many trophies I can get…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. So this is a 4/10 type of game? Gotcha.

    Been looking forward to this review from you, one must STATE. I’m gonna have to buy a secondhand Xbox One for the Ori sequel, not sure my laptop will love up to the task. So I should be able to get things like this then.

    Although, as you snow, I tend to stick to indies. Because I’m a pretentious git like that.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Congrats on completing it, glad you had a decent game to play through in a such a tough time. I don’t know about that hover-sitting instead of using a chair I imagine that’s murder on the thighs 😂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Very impressive! I just brought the Outer Worlds so I can’t wait to delve into some RPG goodies, can’t wait to see what it’s all about. I’ve also been playing so much Call of Duty that I forgot to write some stuff lmao, VIDEOGAMES!

    Congrats on completing it and awesome review!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m loving every second of Call of Duty. Reminds me a lot of my childhood when I used to run home and play the older games, it’s very nostalgic almost like a “If you know, you know” type of scenerio.

        I haven’t played TOW yet but I’m hoping I can dig some time into it this weekend. Really can’t wait to mess around for 2 or 4 hours with the Character creation!

        Liked by 1 person

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