Month of Mass Effect, Day 14: Friends Come First

I’m shamelessly stealing the Mass Effect Month article series created by the always awesome Athena over on AmbiGaming in 2017 (which was the Mass Effect 10th anniversary) and turning it into one of those 30 day challenge thingys! Definitely check out Athena Veta’s great content on AmbiGaming and consider supporting her Video Game Relevancy Crusade (TM) on Patreon, if ya got a few bucks to spare.

Please Note: Enjoy… but be warned that there will be unmarked SPOILERS for all of the Mass Effect games. Read at your own risk!

Today’s Mass Effect series question: What is your favorite loyalty mission?

I unconditionally love anyone I consider a close friend and will always go out of my way to help them, even if they hate me at the present time for reasons beyond my control. The same goes for my virtual friends! My absolute favourite thing to do in any RPG with companion characters is their friend quests, and I always prioritize those above the main story stuff.

Mass Effect 2 hit a home run in the companion character development department. Each character has their own detailed story and personal drama to sort out in the form of a loyalty mission. It’s almost impossible for me to pick a favourite mission, but after much consideration, I’m going to go with Kasumi’s for the pure entertainment value. You get to see Shepard dress all fancy, sneak into an evil rich guy’s house, do things discreetly during the party, break into a vault that contains items nodding to other BioWare games, and then have a final epic showdown with a helicopter (beat that mission on Insanity difficulty with my Infiltrator, by the way).

Mass Effect Month 14 Friends First 1
I totally missed Kasumi on my first playthrough since her DLC wasn’t part of my PC version. She’s a badass!

If you’ve been following along with my Month of Mass Effect posts (thank you) you’ll notice I like to give Andromeda a shout-out whenever I can. Same goes for this post! In that game, I have to mention that Liam Kosta’s loyalty mission was quite amusing. The sarcasm from my Ryder during that one was infinitely entertaining to me.

Mass Effect Month 14 Friends First 2.png
It’s never a bad time to offer a friend in need a bear hug!

Thanks for reading!

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