Month of Mass Effect, Day 16: The DLC Demon

I’m shamelessly stealing the Mass Effect Month article series created by the always awesome Athena over on AmbiGaming in 2017 (which was the Mass Effect 10th anniversary) and turning it into one of those 30 day challenge thingys! Definitely check out Athena Veta’s great content on AmbiGaming and consider supporting her Video Game Relevancy Crusade (TM) on Patreon, if ya got a few bucks to spare.

Please Note: Enjoy… but be warned that there will be unmarked SPOILERS for all of the Mass Effect games. Read at your own risk!

Today’s Mass Effect series question: What is your favorite Mass Effect DLC?

Ugh. DLC. Don’t get me started on this demonic marketing scheme… I paid full price for my game and want everything included with that purchase, dammit! But alas, that’s the way of the video game industry these days. I was once stubbornly against the whole practice, refusing to buy into ANY of it (even for the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy games, which should say a lot), but BioWare made me cave with some Dragon Age Inquisition and Mass Effect series DLC packs. Well played, EA… well played.

Yup. I might hate having to buy DLC, but I sure as hell didn’t regret buying Mass Effect 3’s Citadel DLC. OH MY FANSERVICE!! The whole thing is about thwarting an evil Shepard clone in an amusing main quest line, throwing a wicked party with all the beloved characters, exploring a new area of the Citadel (with lots of minigames), and SO MANY close bonding moments with the entire cast. It was worth every freaking penny I spent on it (but still should’ve been included in the main game, dammit!). I played it after Synthesizing my Shepard at the end of Mass Effect 3 so it was a beautiful way to say goodbye to everyone… sniffs.

Mass Effect Month DLC Demon 1.png
I never wanted that party to end… woo!!

Honorable mention goes to the Shadow Broker DLC for many wonderful Liara T’Soni moments. But that one definitely should have been included in the main game. How dare they lock my super-BFF behind a paywall. Grr!

And c’mon… don’t get me started on Andromeda. The story was clearly designed for several DLC packs that got scrapped. Way to leave us hanging there, heartless marketing people. Jeez. I’ll forgive you if you make an Andromeda sequel out of that planned material.

Thanks for reading!

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4 thoughts on “Month of Mass Effect, Day 16: The DLC Demon”

  1. What? You were hesitant about the Final Fantasy XIII DLC? 😳 I was so hyped, I even got a playarts Kai Lightning figure 😅 Talk about power of will! But my DLC thirst was soured eventually with the Lego games, those started out without DLC, but now they’ve gotten increasingly egregious. I’m enjoying your month’s coverage, btw.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wait… what? You like Final Fantasy XIII?! We seriously need to talk more, haha. I shamelessly have Play Arts Kai figures of most of the XIII cast. 😀 I haven’t played many of the Lego games. I need to fix that someday. I’m hoping there’s editions with all the DLC included now.

      Thank you so much for following along this month!

      Liked by 1 person

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