Month of Mass Effect, Day 27: In Da Galactic Club

I’m shamelessly stealing the Mass Effect Month article series created by the always awesome Athena over on AmbiGaming in 2017 (which was the Mass Effect 10th anniversary) and turning it into one of those 30 day challenge thingys! Definitely check out Athena Veta’s great content on AmbiGaming and consider supporting her Video Game Relevancy Crusade (TM) on Patreon, if ya got a few bucks to spare.

Please Note: Enjoy… but be warned that there will be unmarked SPOILERS for all of the Mass Effect games. Read at your own risk!

Today’s Mass Effect series question: What is your favorite soundtrack from the Mass Effect series?

The entire Mass Effect series nails it in the audio department. The music is mystical (OMG meeting the Prothean VI on Ilos), action packed, and low key – all when it needs to be. If I had to pick one track though, it would have to be the music that plays in the upper level of the Afterlife club on Omega in Mass Effect 2. Whenever I’m in a bad mood, this song instantly makes everything better for some reason I can’t really explain. The healing power of music, I guess!

Here’s a 1 hour loop of it for your listening pleasure! Don’t ask how many of those views on the video are from me…

The song was created by the late video game composer Theodosius Kaskamanidis (aka Saki Kaskas), who happened to be a Greek-Canadian. That added to the song’s wow factor for me! He seemed like a hella talented musician, for sure, but was sadly taken out of this world by a fentanyl overdose in 2016. After his death, it was revealed via his personal journals that he was struggling in silence with a heroine addiction for over a decade. You… just never know what someone is going through. Be kind to others!

Thank you, Saki. I’ll never get to meet you in this life, but this song has touched my soul and inspired me in ways I can’t really explain. Rest in peace.

Thanks for reading!

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