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About The Wannabe Writer Who Runs This Place

Hello, internet!

My real life username is Ellen and welcome to my website, eh! Let’s see. I’ve been babbling on the internet (mostly about video games) since I was 15 years old and… well, I’m A LOT older than 15 now. Ow! I think I pulled a muscle typing that. And where was I going with this? …right! Explaining what this website is about. TL;DR – me, Ellen, babbling about video games and life (mostly!), but here’s a more in-depth spiel. Ahem.

Taz-mania SNES
Taz-mania on the SNES; the very first video game I ever played. I was stuck in a shared room at a children’s hospital at the time, but that experience sparked my interest in video games for life!

So yeah, video games have always had a special place in my heart since I was a wee five year-old. I credit video games with helping me get through many of the challenges I’ve faced over the years. Throughout this chaotic journey of life, it has been VERY comforting to have various virtual worlds to escape to and forget about what’s going on in the harsh real world for a few hours a day. I once considered myself one of those people who enjoys collecting trophies, achievements, 100% clearing games, etc., but these days I take a more casual approach. I simply play to enjoy them and I don’t really find much entertainment in the competitive aspect of them (I don’t like playing online anymore). I’m no longer ashamed to play games on easy mode just for the story, either.

Ocarina of Time
The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time remains my all-time favourite video game. I must have beaten it 20+ times and it never gets old. There’s just something magical about this version of Hyrule!

I also enjoy collecting video games and video game related swag. When I was younger I made the mistake of selling my Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64. I’ve since bought new systems, but I’m still working on tracking down some of the games I use to have. As far as my brand loyalties go, I prefer to play all sides. I do have a soft spot for Nintendo due to fond childhood memories of beginning my gaming career. Nostalgia is a powerful thing! I still enjoy Sony and Microsoft’s consoles though (and I have an aging but decent PC gaming rig).

As long as I’m provided with quality entertainment that makes me forget about life’s problems, I really don’t care who manufactured it. And yeah, I have one of those massive backlog things that I no longer care about (You know, the problem where you keep buying games, but have no time to actually play them? Thus accumulating a huge shelf of unplayed games? Yeah, that concept). Honestly, I think I just enjoy watching the games add up on my shelf (NOT impressed games are moving toward a digital only place, by the way).

Amiibo Collection.png
I LOVE Amiibo! I almost never use them in-game, but I really, really enjoy them for their cute figure collectible-ness. I’ve also been known to preorder Collector’s Editions of many games purely for the cool statue figure thing they come with… sigh.

Video games have always been there for me when I needed an escape from the world, but one character in particular has really inspired me in a special way: the badass pink-haired protagonist Lightning Farron from the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy. Not gonna lie, she is exactly as cranky, stubborn, and fiercely independent as I am in real life. I was going through a particularly rough time when I played Final Fantasy XIII and discovering a character struggling with the same issues as me helped more than my words are capable of explaining. Her entire story taught me so much about myself and I felt like I grew with her character across the trilogy. I know she’s not real, but Lightning Farron will always be my badass idol that I look up to whenever I need a morale boost in this crazy world of ours. She has taught me that a grim fate can always be challenged, and her inspiring quotes throughout her trilogy will always bring me strength.

My Lightning Farron Tattoo
This is my arm! My tattoo should say how much Lightning Farron means to me. She is like the overprotective big sister I always wanted. Credit to Amber Thorpe of Adept Tattoos in Halifax, NS for drawing this masterpiece on my arm.

I have no formal training in the literary area, but I really love writing words in the form of sentences and then stringing those sentences together in a somewhat coherent fashion! And that’s why I classify myself as a “wannabe writer”. My day job is really technical so it’s very relaxing to let my pent up creative side loose when I write things. Combining writing and video games makes for a fun hobby and that’s why this website exists.

Website Objectives

Anyway, like I said, this website is just a fun hobby for me. Yeah. Of course I also want to be a world famous blogger who gets paid to write things online. That’s likely never going to happen, but dreams are important and make life worth living! These will be the guidelines for most of the content I create here:

– Video Game Reviews. I like writing these because my memory is terrible and it’s nice to look back on my own reviews down the road. I play games with my heart more than my brain, so my reviews will focus more on the feelz I got rather than technical stuff. I am very forgiving of technical issues if the game has a fun story and entertaining gameplay. I’ll also keep the big spoilers clearly marked. Promise!

– Video game progress babblings. I love taking screenshots in games and in story heavy games, I may do dedicated “babble-through” posts with some of the gazillion screenshots I’ve taken. Not kidding… my dedicated 1 TB external hard drive is filling up with screenshots VERY quickly.

Participating in blogger collaborations. I have a hard time connecting with humans in the real world so the online realm is where most of my socializing happens. The beauty of written communication is that I actually have time to think about what I’m saying, thus usually not saying something stupid when interacting with others… But yeah, I love interacting with the awesomely supportive blogger community I’ve thankfully met online, and I will make an effort to participate in any events that other bloggers are hosting.

– Lots of references to Lightning Farron. It’s cool if you don’t care for Final Fantasy XIII and/or my shero (I think everyone is aware of the internet perception that these characters “suck” and the games “ruined Final Fantasy”). Just respect the fact that this game series and its characters mean a lot to me and we’re all good. Civil discussions on valid counter opinions are fun, eh! 🙂 Fun fact: I’ve always been awe-inspired by the weather event lightning too, long before I ever met the cranky pink-haired variety.

Just having fun with no pressure. Ultimately, I’m going to write whenever I feel like it about whatever I want to. That’s really the best part about blogging – having fun expressing yourself on your own piece of the interwebz!

Thank you so much to anyone who reads anything here! I really appreciate any actual views, legit likes, and non-spam-bot-generated comments more than I can ever say.

Copyright Notice: The legendary Lightning Farron is a character owned by Square Enix and Ellen is just hiding from cruel reality by using Lightning’s likeness (Please don’t sue me! Just say stop talking about her and I will). All the windy words here are mine and cannot be used anywhere without my permission. Don’t make me go all Lightning on you… Some images used here may be “borrowed” from the almighty Google Images. If you see something that’s yours and want me to stop using it (or give you credit) just let me know!

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